Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Show Review: Cavalia's Odysseo Orange County | @Cavalia #OdysseoOC

You have seen the photos, seen the huge white tent off the 405 freeway and heard about how amazing Cavalia's Odysseo, Orange County is.  I can tell you first-hand what a great show it is because I saw it last week in a media preview.  The horses and their handlers leave you breathless in their acrobatic artistry.

The largest touring show in the world is in Irvine for the next month.  Take your family for an early Valentines Gift and give them memories to last a lifetime!  The director, Normand Latourelle was a pioneer Cirque du Solei from 1985-1990.  He brings the imagination of Cirque du Solei and magic and grace of horses together in harmony.

The stage is unlike anything I have ever seen!  I saw Odysseo in Burbank on a smaller scale and this full version was even better!  There were 70 horses and 45 handlers in the show.  That doesn't include the large tent city of behind the scenes workers!  There are even chefs that cater to the international cast to make them feel more at home.  You can get a glimpse of their life during the RENDEZ-VOUS VIP tour.  

The Rendez-vous VIP Lounge opens 90 minutes is available before the show, during the intermission and after the show.  With your VIP Premium tickets, you also receive:
  • Center-row seats
  • VIP Pass
  • Buffet with a wide variety of complimentary foods served before the show
  • Wine, bubbly and beer at will
  • Dessert Buffet, coffee and tea served during intermission
  • Exclusive stables tour after the show
  • Odysseo souvenir
What better way to tell your love for Valentines Day than to pamper her with Dinner, Drinks and a Show? 

The show has Liberty horses that seem to read their handlers minds while responding to slight hand movements or a soft voice.  Here a herd of horses accept their handler as their own.  I loved their group hug that they gave each other.

This Carousel descended from the rafters in an acrobatic delight!  Not only did the horses prance around it as an extension of the carousel, a delightful voice of  the main singer, lulled us as acrobats performed.

Acrobatics on horseback?  Yes, PLEASE!  Imagine being able to stand up on a horses back at a full gallop or even rotating under a horses belly, all while moving!  I have done a lot of crazy things on horse-back but these, I will leave to the professionals.

The horses were truly amazing however, the acrobatic dancers brought us around the world and back.  Not only are they amazing dancers but they can flip and turned like Olympic champions!  


The stage was as changing as the performance and with the illusion of lights, rising stage, and even water!  We went from the frozen north to blazing plains and even into the water!  I can't even imagine the years of design it took to bring this show to life!

Their gift shop area has one of a kind items to remember the show by.  My favorite were these bracelets made out of the equine stars tails!  There were mementos at a variety of price ranges, something for all.  

One thing that I would have loved to purchase were one of these AMAZING pieces of art!  All around the bleachers, VIP Lounge, and the lobby area of the show off these gorgeous examples of equine artwork.

Whether you are going on a date with your sweetheart or sharing your passion for horses with your family, Odysseo is a must see!

Check out the full show schedule on their website.  They have added on additional matinee and evening shows!

DISCLAIMER:  All photos are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.  I was given complimentary tickets for my family in exchange for an honest review.

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