Friday, July 10, 2015

Saving Our Whales One Person at a Time | @AquariumPacific @HarborBreezeC

Summer in California marks the Blue Whale season and we were off on the Triumphant out of Long Beach again!  The Blue Whales come to Southern California to feed off the channel between Catalina Island and the Mainland.

This trip was special as we learned about the plight of endangered Vaquita Porpoise as well.  This whale, the smallest whale in the World, is so endangered that fewer than 100 are known to exist.  The Vaquita Whale is found only in Mexico's Gulf of California and is thought to be extinct in the next 2 years.

This Saturday, July 11th is "Save the Vaquita" Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific where the visitors will learn about what is causing them to disappear.  In August, the staff will focus on what we can do help save these beautiful creatures at all of their animal and dive shows at the Aquarium.

Want to learn more?  The Baja Splash Cultural Festival takes place on Sept. 26 and 27th.  

On our trip, we were blessed with an overcast calm day with plenty of wildlife!  We started out of the Port and were soon joined by a pod of Pacific White Sided dolphins accompanied by California Sea Lions.


The Triumphant is the fastest whale watching boat around and we were soon 3/4 of the way across the channel, almost to Catalina.  We located a lone Blue Whale spouting and we stayed with it most of the morning.  The Blue Whale was approximately the size of the Triumphant and it was AMAZING!


Finally it was time to start heading back to the Mainland when we spotted another of the ocean's inhabitants, the Mola Mola or the Pacific Sunfish.  We spotted Brown Pelicans, Sea Gulls and a variety of different sea birds.

As we arrived at the Aquarium, my family was excited to get a chance to see the new Jelly Fish exhibit that opened this past Spring.  It was amazing the way they glowed in the near darkness of the Midnight Zone.


Have you seen the new Rainbow/Steelhead Trout exhibit as well?  It lies near the Water Shed area behind the shark tanks.  My kids loved learning about the trouts journey through fresh and salt water.

My family enjoyed being out on the water and can't wait to head out again!  Thank you to Mr. Dan Salas, the Triumphant and the Aquarium of the Pacific for inviting my family and other media to see the wonders of the Ocean.

Disclaimer:  My family was invited on a media cruise to look for the whales and complimentary admission into the Aquarium.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.


  1. The jellyfish exhibit is so awesome. My kids loved it.

  2. We sent to the aquarium a few weeks ago and really enjoyed all the exhibits.

  3. I've never seen a blue whale in person before, but they're so beautiful. It's sad how many of the ocean's creatures are in danger. It's great to raise awareness.


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