Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fathers Day Craft for Kids Plus BONUS $100 Orchard Supply Hardware Giveaway | @OrchardSupply #ad

Fathers Day is coming up this weekend and I have a cute craft for the kids to do for Dad!  It is never easy to find the right present and gifts mean so much more when they are homemade from the kids.

Is Dad a cook?  Gardener? Loves to get his hands dirty?  How about a personalized herb garden that can be decorated over and over?  I like this because I can write what is growing on the outside of the can because the tags always get lost.

This craft is a lot of fun and can be a fun gift from the kids under $25!  I was given all of the supplies for it from our local Orchard Supply Hardware store(OSH) and the kids were off.

What do you need?  I was given by OSH the supplies for my two children to create their masterpieces.

  • Empty paint cans ($5.50)
  • Chalkboard Spray paint ($5.99)
  • Herbs (under $5)
  • Soil ($5.99)
  • Chalk ($1)
    • Although, I think chalkboard markers would work better ($12)
  • Paper to cover painting surface
  • Power drill or hammer and Nail
Lay the paper down to prepare to paint the cans.

Drill 3-5 holes into the bottom of the can.  If you do not have a drill, take a hammer and nail to make drainage holes.  If the holes are too big like mine, line the bottom with pebbles to keep the dirt in.

Spray 3 coats of chalkboard paint onto the outside of the cans and let dry thoroughly(usually about 20 minutes in the sun).

Have you children decorate the outside of the can with chalk or write the name of the herb you plan to plant.


Fill the can 1/2 way with soil and place your plant inside and fill the rest to the top.

The kids can put a bow on it and it is done!

Looking for something from Mom?  How about a giftcard?


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DISCLAIMER:  I was given the supplies to make the craft for this post.  All thoughts, ideas and photos are my own.  Do not use any photos without permision.


  1. I would get some grass seed and soil.

  2. We would buy things for our new house. The list is long.

    Debnmike moretti

  3. I would buy a new shower fixture if they have them.

  4. Flowers, plants and potting soil.

  5. Commented on http://www.socalkidsoutdooradventures.com/2015/06/circus-xtreme-is-new-at-ringling-bros.html?showComment=1434631320659#c6454712193852937941

  6. I would buy items to make a small garden!

  7. I commented on http://www.socalkidsoutdooradventures.com/2015/06/celebrate-birthdays-with-medieval-times.html?showComment=1434720293869#c5568994111631960436

  8. We have a huge avocado tree in our backyard and we need to purchase a trimer and a picker for the avocados

  9. I need to buy a bucket (water conservation purposes) and some canning jars.

  10. We would buy plants for our garden!

  11. I'm guessing my husband would buy a new wheelbarrow!

  12. I would get paint and paint supplies - shaunie w


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