Monday, June 29, 2015

Family Fine Dining at Side Door in Corona Del Mar | @SideDoorCDM #ToddlerTuesday

Fine dining isn't just for childless adults anymore!  

Imagine, going to dinner where there are no singing animals and enjoying a delicious gourmet meal and drinks with your young children and no dirty looks.  A time set aside for families where children may run around and be as loud as kids can be.

Side Door, a partner with the 5 Crowns Restaurant in Corona Del Mar got our message!  Parents can't always find a babysitter and would like night outs with the family!  When I got invited to see this paradise for myself, I jumped at the chance.

Tuesday nights are Toddler Tuesdays.  This wonderful patio is reserved for families that worry about their children disrupting other diners.  NO RESERVATION REQUIRED!

So what can you expect from a restaurant that caters to families?  How about fine wine and food?  $5 kids menu that kids love?  DONE!

We started off with artichoke hearts that my daughter and I loved.  Followed by sushi, yes sushi.  I love sushi and the quality was top notch.

My children chose fish and chips for dinner which were quickly gobbled up and approved.  I was happy I had my sushi appetizer because their fish looked so good!

I had chosen the prime rib dinner with mashed potatoes and it was perfectly cooked!  

I didn't think that we could eat anymore but SOMEHOW, we found room for dessert.  I love the way the kids sundaes allowed them to make it themselves.  Cheers!

My lemon steam cake was delish!  In fact, I only got a couple bites because my kids took over when I blinked. LOL

I am glad that someone got the clue that pizza and hot dogs are not always what families want.  Kids can be kids and  I loved that about the Side Door and I will be a frequent customer. 

DISCLAIMER:  My family was invited for a complimentary media night at the Side Door.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.

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  1. This looks like a great place to dine with kids, I've never been to this place.


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