Friday, April 17, 2015

PARTY IDEAS: Monster High Craft: Belts and Bracelets for Pennies

Has your daughter been bitten by the Monster High bug?  Mine has!  This new phase in my her childhood is one that I am still unsure of but seems pretty harmless and it seems to be growing on me.

Along with a new Monster High themed bedroom, my daughter has asked to make Monster High crafts.  I found printables online but she wanted more, a Monster High Birthday is in the works.

I got the idea for a cute craft while walking through the local 99 Cent store by my house.  As I browsed the aisles, I located 3 different Monster High duct tape patterns.  A few weeks before, our Cub Scout den made belts made of camouflage duct tape that glowed in the dark.  It literally cost pennies to make for all the boys.

If they can make belts, why can't we?  You can find all different patterns at Michaels, Jo-Anns and even your local Dollar Store.


  • Plain duct tape (we used silver but can be any)
  • Patterned duct tape of your choice(Monster High)
  • 2 key rings(per belt)
    • If you want to make bracelets purchase a small bit of sticky sided Velcro
  • Measure your child's waist with the plain duct tape and cut to length w

    ith 4 inch overlap
    • If you plan on making bracelets, add an additional 4 inches to cut off later per bracelet

  • Fold the duct tape in half length-wise.  This gives the belt sturdiness and thickness.
  • Lay the plain duct tape along the middle of the sticky side of your patterned duct tape and fold over the sides.  
    • You will have a stripe of silver along the middle.

  • If you measured long for the bracelet, cut the extra inches off and set it aside.
  • Take your key rings and run two inches loosely through the rings and fold onto itself.  
  • Use a strip of tape to secure the rings.

  • Turn the belt over so the stripe side is up and cover the last 3-4 inches of the striped end with the decorative tape.  
    • The reason for this is when you loop the belt through the rings and back out, the stripe side will be facing out.  
  • Fold 1 1/2 inches of decorative tape in half to loop around the belt to hold the extra belt length in a keeper and tape securely on the backside of the belt.

BRACELETS(and Headbands):
  • Take the extra belt length that you cut and add a male and female piece of Velcro on opposite end of the tape and it is complete. (You can also use strong glue to secure the Velcro additional to the sticky Velcro.

I don't recommend this craft for kids under 8 because the duct tape is STICKY!  

This craft would also make a great party favor for parents to do ahead of time.


  1. Love this. My daughter is obsessed with Monster High. She has over 100 dolls!! Yikes!

  2. What a cute idea, too bad I don't have any little girls around.

  3. Denise, My son made his with Camouflage duct tape. It is not limited to girls. :-)

  4. Denise, My son made his with Camouflage duct tape. It is not limited to girls. :-)

  5. My son is not in to art and creativity that much but he love such monster stuff. I think if I will encourage him to do this, he might like to do it. I am also thinking to include this as a game on his birthday which we are planning at party halls in Boston MA.


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