Thursday, February 12, 2015

Top 3 Whales Spotted with Harbor Breeze Cruises! Orcas, Gray and Fin Whales | @HarborBreezeC #LongBeach


Have you heard?  There is a 97% success rate of seeing whales right now with Harbor Breeze Cruises!  My family and I were invited to test that percentage this week and we weren't disappointed!  Did you know that they spotted Orcas(Killer Whales) two days this week along with daily migrating Gray and endangered Fin whales?!

There are a lot of whale watching boats with daily cruises and since we live in Long Beach, our first choice was the Triumphant of Harbor Breeze Cruises.  

Harbor Breeze Cruises is stationed outside of the Aquarium of the Pacific and has two of the fastest whale watching boats on the West Coast, the Triumphant and the Christopher.

As we left Rainbow Harbor, we enjoyed the gorgeous view of the lighthouse, Queen Mary and shops.

Rainbow Harbor

The swells were rough this week but it didn't deter two boat fulls of hopeful whale watchers.  Here, the Christopher looks on as a Gray Whale spouts.

Harbor Breeze Cruises
Blow Holes Spouts

The main reason why my family chose this day to go out was because Orcas were spotted just the day before.  We searched for a good half hour before seeing a wonderful display of Gray Whales leaping with joy out of the water in a "breach".

Jumping Splashing

We continued on off the coast of Palos Verdes and headed to deeper water.  This Fin Whale graced us with its beauty.  Its size only surpassed by Blue Whales.  It was easy to distinguish the Fin Whale from the Gray Whales we had been seeing due to the size and smoothness of the Fin Whale.  The Gray Whales were covered in barnacles and whale lice.  

The great thing about going out with Harbor Breeze Cruises is that each boat is equipped with a Marine Biologist who is readily offering great facts such as toothed whales have one blow-hole and baleen(filter feeding) whales have two.  You can even see baleen up close as they often have a sample on board.

There were no orcas spotted on the day we went but check out the video of the orcas found the very next day!
Video credit to Harbor Breeze Cruises

This family of five was actively feeding on sealions in about 150 feet of water. The Southern California coast has seen the sealion population explode lately, which may be the cause of the increase in orca sightings free in the wild. Our departures today at 12 and 3 pm will go out in search of this family again. These videos are courtesy of Harbor Breeze Cruises Long Beach. Any questions please contact Captain Dan at 310-466-4930.  /  Twitter: @HarborBreezeC  /


DISCLAIMER:  My family was invited to go whale watching in order to share my experiences.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  All photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.


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