Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MOVIE NIGHT: Best of Me Made Valentines Day Even Better! | @FHEInsiders #BestofValentine #BestofMeInsiders #ad

Valentines Day is a day for spending time with loved ones and this one was no different.

When I mean no different, I mean that I spent it with my husband and kids.  Ideally, my husband and I would get a night to ourselves but unfortunately, this seldom happens.  In addition, we want our children to feel loved too so we really don't mind sharing the day.  

We started the day by enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach.  My hubby and I had promised that we would have adult movie time after the kids were in bed but we started with a glass of wine courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment and the Best of Me movie.

The kids made friends and built sand castles while we enjoyed watching dolphins swimming in the waves.  Even before kids, we spent many dates at the beach and in fact, my husband proposed to me on a very similar day at the beach 9 years ago!  My son captured this sweet moment of my husband and I.   :-)
Our day at the beach was over, Valentines Day dinner eaten and it was finally time for our movie night.  I had been looking for a romantic feel good movie that my husband and I could get into.  The Best of Me filled the roll perfectly thanks to Fox Home Entertainment.

Movie night was the perfect way to snuggle with my hubby.  We enjoyed each others company while watching a classic love story that brought back romance and chivalry. 

Whether it is Valentines Day or just an evening "Stay-in" date, movie nights are great excuses for snuggling.  We have more movie nights in the making and I encourage more date nights for all.

DISCLAIMER:  I received a Best of Me "Date Night" package to incorporate into a date night.  All thoughts, photos and ideas are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.

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