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New Years at Knotts Berry Farm | @Knotts #knottsnye


I much prefer a New Year’s Eve celebration riding on crazy roller coasters and dining on funnel
cakes than being stuck in a sweaty nightclub with music that is too loud and drinks that are too
expensive. Knott’s Berry Farm, in my humble opinion, was the best possible way to bring in the
New Year.


First, do not pass go; do not collect $200, go straight to Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant!

Mrs. Knott first opened her doors to serve her now famous fried chicken dinner in 1934, since
then over 20,000,000 guests have enjoyed her chicken dinner. If chicken is not your thing, there
are other options to choose from. The garlic fries are some of the best I have ever had

I always like learning new things, and this trip to Knott’s Berry Farm was no exception to my
never ending thirst for knowledge. The new little tid‐bit I picked up was leaning that Knott’s Berry
Farm was the first farm to propagate the Boysenberry plant in 1932. They boysenberry is a cross
between the red raspberry, blackberry and the loganberry. 

Which brings me to another MUST DO while at dining at Mrs. Knott’s. 
The boysenberry pie, OMG! Each dinner option comes with fresh buttermilk biscuits, soup AND salad, entrée and choice of desserts (but like I said, the only option is the boysenberry pie). 


Since this was our second year at Knott’s NYE we knew what we needed to be done. That’s right, the man of my dreams got me a huge rock! We had a great time at the Geode Shop selecting our perfect geode. Outside the store guests can select from a rock and have this plain looking rock sliced open, by an expert of course, and have a beautiful crystal mystery presents itself before your eyes. Inside the shop it’s a geologist dream or place to pick up a unique souvenir, perhaps someone you know would like some beautiful quartz, or perhaps some fossilized dino poop, or even a $19,500 gigantic geode older than dinosaurs.


Knott’s Berry Farm celebrates its old west heritages and a great deal of its décor has an old west “Ghost Town” feeling. Many of the shops feature craftspeople or experts in a certain field such as glassblowing, woodcarving and black-smithing. 

Visit an old school house from 1879 that was transported from Beloit, Kansas to Knott’s Berry Farm. If you are really naughty, they’ll let you wear the dunce cap. There are some interesting treats to try out as well. Try out a handmade frozen maple syrup popsicle that is made fresh using only maple syrup and ice.


As far as the rides go, there is something for everyone, and each ride is labeled on a thrill score of  1‐5 (1 being mild thrill, 5 being aggressive thrill). If you are a fan of thrill rides, check out ghost rider, one the longest wooden roller coasters. This was one of the most insane coasters I have ever experienced. Although it was a tight squeeze, this was 2 minutes of 110% thrill. 

Camp Snoopy is 6 acres and great for children under 12, or chickens like mine. Since my little chicken was not with us this particular evening, we took advantage of rides she wouldn’t go near. 

One day, I know my child will crave independence and want to go do things with her friends, parent free and I will have to find a safe place.  Knott’s Berry Farm had plenty of teen-aged kids, in groups enjoying the park and best part was, they were well behaved and enjoying, possibly, their first New Year’s without their parents in a safe, controlled environment. 

Knott’s has a convenient drop‐off area right in front of the gates so no worries about having to pay for parking, or dropping them off and wonder if they will ever make it to the front gate. When my day comes when Miss M. wants to stretch her wings, I would have no problem allowing her, with a group a friends, to enjoy the Knott’s Berry Farm without her “un‐cool” mom by her side They grow up fast don’t they? 

Finally, the countdown began. Everyone was focused towards the large Sky Cabin ride, which, like 
Time Square, featured a count-down clock high enough, that no matter where you were in the
park, you had a perfect view (unless you were barreling through a loop or corkscrew). What was
perfect about this, you never felt cramp, and there was enough space to actually move. Then of
course, after we said good‐bye to 2014 and hello to 2015, the night sky lit up with a spectacular
firework show. 

We had such a great time even though it was as close to freezing as you could get.  New Year Eve at Knotts Berry Farm is a must attend attraction that I look forward to every year!

For more information visit the web site: www.knotts.com 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Meghan Watson is a single mom who has been a teacher, flight attendant, blogger, and concierge at the famous Hotel Del Coronado.  She is always looking for more ways to keep her 7 year old busy and entertained.

DISCLAIMER: I was received tickets from GigaSavvy to enjoy New Years Eve at Knotts. All thoughts and ideas are my own. I have permission to use all the copyrighted photos for my posts. Do not use and photos without permission.

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