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Earth Explorers: Travel Through LEGOS at the Discovery Cube OC | @DiscoveryCubeOC @CubeExplorers

Have you been to the Discovery Cube Orange County lately?  This wonderful museum changes out its exhibits in order to keep it fresh and fun for our kids.

This month, the new exhibits feature, LEGO®  Travel Adventure and National Geographic Presents: Earth Explorers.  As a lover of science, I was invited to let my kids get a sneak peak in a media night.  The new exhibits bring fun to anyone that loves to learn and build like we do.

My kids made a bee-line to the LEGO® Travel Adventure area first.  We were treated to a variety of world traveling highlights that were depicted, using our favorite building blocks.  Ships, planes, safaris, race cars and more.

Build a building around you using large bricks like the kids did here.  Here you see them, now you don't.

The displays feature scenes that depict highlights in our own history like the Titanic, Transcontinental Railroad and First Flight.  Our favorite was the Race Car all made of LEGO bricks! 

While the kids built race cars in preparation for our Cubscout Pine-Wood Derby race next weekend, we discovered another hidden gem.  Costumes!  My son had a blast trying them on and taking a picture in the Indy 500 race!


The second exhibit show-cases National Geographic: Earth Explorers.  Travel to Antarctica, the Rainforest, or take a sub-marine into the depths of the ocean.  


Check out this Great White!  My son wasn't so sure it wasn't going to jump off the display, it was so life-like.

There were realistic living quarters for the Antarctic and the Amazon that taught us about survival and what creatures graced them such as polar bears and a TON of insects!  The interactive displays keep the children wanting to learn more.


Here, the kids asked if they use our dogs to go on a dog-sled run.

Tickets can be purchased at Discovery Cube OC or online at General admissions prices are as follows: adult ($16.95), senior ($12.95), and children ages 3-14 ($12.95).

LEGO Travel Adventure is the second in a series of traveling exhibits to be produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in conjunction with LEGO Systems, Inc. The previous exhibit, LEGO® Castle Adventure debuted at The Children’s’ Museum of Indianapolis in 2009, and will travel to museums and science centers throughout the United States for a five year period. Additional LEGO exhibits are planned for the future.

About Discovery Science Foundation
The Discovery Science Foundation serves as the program-development, marketing and fundraising arm for hands-on science learning museums in Orange County and Los Angeles. Established in 1989, the original non-profit Taco Bell Discovery Science Center (DSC) in Santa Ana, now renamed Discovery Cube Orange County, presented by Taco Bell, continues to inspire and educate millions of young minds through engaging science based programs and exhibits. In 2012, the Center was named one of the ten “Most Trusted Brands” in Orange County and in 2013 was awarded the National Medal of Service from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

In November 2014, Discovery Cube Los Angeles, a second museum offering an exhibit and program mix unique to Los Angeles, opened in the Hansen Dam Recreational Area of the San Fernando Valley. For more information, call (866) 552-CUBE (2823) or visit

DISCLAIMER:  I received an invite to a media night to get a sneak peak for the purpose of sharing my experience.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.

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  1. Look like there is a lot of new exhibits to see at the Discovery Science Center, we haven't been for a couple of months.


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