Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home and Family TV: Your Go-To DIY Show | @Home&FamilyTV #Home&FamilyTV

Christine Ferrare, Tanya Memme, Mark Steines, Kym Douglas, Sophie Uliano

I love looking up potential projects for my family to do on Pinterest. The DIY projects that range from baby clothes, cleaning products, recipes, photograph tips and so much more are so enticing but alas, very much out of my non-creative abilities.

In fact, have you seen the Facebook memes that show what a project will look like if you follow their directions and the reality of the actual fail of the result? The result is what mine usually look like!

I discovered an easy alternative in the Home & Family TV show on the Hallmark Channel. This program is more than a show. You watch the hosts, Mark Steines and Christina Ferrare, draw you into their family of friends and guests. You actually feel like they are real people who actually believe in what they talk about instead of actors reading from a script.

In fact, their set is not even a set! Their location is an actual working house and yard that just helps bring their audience into their "family". The house does not have ceilings because of the lighting required for filming but everything in the house is full working house. Walking up to the house, you would never guess you were walking on the back lot of Universal Studios.


What can you expect on the show?
  • DIY projects
  • Cooking
  • Guest interviews and more!
I was invited with several other bloggers to experience the show and the atmosphere for myself.  Starting from the time we walked up to the front yard, I felt like I was home.  The yard was decorated with the spookiest of Halloween decorations that were easy to replicate in our own yards.

Christina Ferrare

We walked into the house and were greeted by Mark Steines and Christina Ferrare.  Their easy and comedy filled manners put us at ease as were offered a tour of the house.  In each room, we were confided in little jokes and experiences that made us feel like we were in our own houses talking with good friends.

Were led to the backyard where we were greeted by some of the other Home and Family members, Kym Douglas, Sophie Uliano, and Tanya Memme.  Each were DIY experts that shared their ideas and wisdom with us and actually got me making projects that looked the part!

Home and Family TV

Sophie Uliano, author of "Gorgeously Green", gave us the recipe for making a wonderful exfoliating hand scrub using: sea salts, oils and essential oils.

Tanya Memme, renowned lifestyle expert, showed us the perfect Halloween craft that even I couldn't make look bad!

Kym Douglas, author of "Beauty Bliss", shared wonderful everyday beauty tips using household products that have a host of different uses.

I almost forgot that we were on the Universal Studios back lot until I heard the tram pass us letting its passengers know what a great show that lay behind the gorgeous front yard.  

Next time you are at Universal Studios, be sure to check out the set itself!  Often, interested tram riders are invited to take part and watch a filming of Home and Family as the audience!  You can inquire if the show is filming on the day that you ride, your tram driver might know.

Until you get to see the show up close and in person, you can catch Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel or online.  Please check your local listings for times.  

Thank you to everyone on the "set" of Home and Family who made us feel at ease and part of their family!  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to each of you and learning that even a un-crafty person like me can take ordinary items and make Pinterest worthy pins!


  1. Rats this looks like a great show I would love to watch it but we don't have the Hallmark Channel.

  2. It really is! They use so much of what you have lying around. :-)


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