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Knotts Scary Farm: Date Night Horrors | @Knotts #ScaryFarm #ItsHere #ad

This last week, Knott's Scary Farm opened for the 2014 season. Saturday, my hubby and I was invited to see what we thought of the new mazes, zombie killing, shows and of course Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

As Knotts Scary Farm is one of our favorite adult traditions, we couldn't wait.  The new Special Ops: Infected zombie killing area was what we were looking forward to the most!  We are big Walking Dead fans so getting the chance to do shoot zombies was right up our alley!


We started off with a wonderful dinner in the Fiesta de los Muertos area with decorations galore.   The food was fabulous and the desserts and drinks made being scared even better!   We even had visits from some of the spooks themselves! 
INFECTED:  Special Ops

When you arrive at Knotts Scary Farm, go directly to the Infected: Special Ops areas (there are 2 Alpha and Bravo in Camp Snoopy) to sign up for your reservation.  Hurry because the spots fill up fast!  If my calculations are right, only about 1000 people a night can experience it.

We were briefed in our mission to run through to the hospital to save the scientist and any other survivors and find supplies.  After we were supplied with our weapons(laser tag guns on steroids), we started in.  Immediately we were surrounded and it was a fast 15 minute frenzy through the Infected area!


We located the scientist only to have the scientist perish before we were able to bring her to safety.  We located the Intelligence area but the transmission was broken so we had to hurry to the decontamination area after "killing" numerous walking dead.  Finally we emerged mostly unscathed.

We were given the option to purchase photos of our victorious teams and we were off to find the mazes.

Frightlane/Skeleton Key Pass/Mazes

If you have ever been to Knott's Scary Farm, you would have noticed long lines which prevented you from experiencing all 10 of the mazes for lack of time.  Knotts has solved this problem.  I highly recommend purchasing the tickets with the Skeleton Key/Frightlane pass!

This pass gives front of line access with special access to hidden rooms with one on one interactions with the haunts.


My favorite was the new Tooth Fairy Maze.  Don't worry if you are unable to locate it.  The Tooth Fairy Maze is attached to the Dominion of the Damned Maze and unless you asked, you wouldn't have known. WOW!  Blood and Gore with childhood nightmares thrown in!  There were children's bedrooms and horrors that are not for the week stomached.

Some of our other favorite mazes were Black Magic, Pinocchio, and Evermore!  YIKES!  I get goosebumps even thinking about them!


Don't forget the shows when you go.  The Hanging is a MUST!  It always has my sides hurting as they make fun of the latest and (not-so)greatest head-line news.  Although, this year was "almost" cancelled due to the oversensitive American population, the characters on stage overcame their diversity and  put on a spectacular show!

The last item on our list was Elvira's Big Top!  I am telling you that ever since I was a kid, she was a house-hold name and face(amongst other things).  Her new show has her witty adult humor along with the specialty acts of dancing, sword-swallowing and contortionist that made my bones ache!

We had a fabulous rare date night and we are already talking about what night we can get a babysitter to come again before it ends!


  • Eat before you come so you can maximize scare time
  • Purchase the Frightlane/ Skeleton Key tickets to get front of line access(lines are LONG without it!)
  • Immediately get your Infected:  Special Ops reservation as soon as you get in
  • Bring someone to hold onto in the fog of Ghost Town!  I almost got lost and found by the undead!
  • Bring friends! Go as a group and be scared together.
DISCLAIMER:  I was invited to a special media night to share my experience of Knott's Scary Farm.  All thoughts, ideas and photos are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.


  1. I haven't been to Knott's Scary Farm in years, I went in my twenties and it was scary then. From the looks of your pictures and write up they have really add a lot to it through out the years.

  2. I would love to visit Knott's Scary Farm some day! Sounds like a lot of fun!


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