Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Haunted Hollywood Sports! Killing Zombies with Airsoft and Paintball! | @HauntedHSP #HauntedHSP

Last week, I tried something completely different and LOVED it!  I had a date night with my hubby and close friends and shot zombies!  Okay, maybe they were actors in costume but they REALLY got our blood pumping!

Airsoft and Paintball shooting had been on my list to try for awhile and when my invitation came to combine the two with zombies at Haunted Hollywood Sports?  I couldn't turn it down.  

Haunted Hollywood Sports has food, drinks, mazes, shooting galleries, photo-ops and our favorite, the Kill Houses!  The Kill Houses have you donning on safety goggles and protective vests with Velcro'd flags attached.  The goal is to get through the obstacle course/houses without being "killed" by the zombies.  Kill them before they kill you.

The zombies are in full protective gear as I can imagine that the pellets would seriously hurt after an hour or two!  Imagine having the walking dead chasing you and your team through dark hallways and courtyards!  It is like being in the TV show!  

If that wasn't good enough, they take it to the next level!  In one of the mazes, they hide 5 glow sticks within the maze and it is your job to find the "antidote"!  Doesn't sound too bad except you don't have any of the guns in this maze!  There is no way to "kill" the dead and you have to run FAST!  Be careful though, the ground can be uneven and it is easy to trip in the dark.

The zombies, clowns and even mermaids litter the grounds of the compound waiting for unsuspecting victims.  Not all of them are scary though, the magician was unbelievable!  I still have no idea how he knew what card I chose in my mind!

There is a great booth as you walk in if you want to buy a zombie souvenir.   My favorite was this little skeleton guy and Zombie Girl t-shirt.

The 23 acres of haunted horror is filled with fun and  fright!  It takes being scared to a new level which is only experienced at Haunted Hollywood Sports!

This experience is a must for any Walking Dead fan!  Not only do you get to be scared by the un-dead. You can kill them too!  Best thing of all?  The undead cannot shoot back!  Just be careful of your teammates, they don't always have the best aim when panicking.  Luckily, you have armor on and the air-soft pellets bounce off.

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Haunted Hollywood Sports
9030 Somerset Blvd
Bellflower, CA 90706

DISCLAIMER:  I received tickets to review and share my experience at Haunted Hollywood Sports.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.


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