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Dawn Dish Soap Helping the Environment for 25 Years w/ International Bird Rescue | @DawnDish #DawnDayintheWildlife

Royal Palms, San Pedro

You may have noticed that I have a passion for animals.  My degrees are in Biology, Ecology, Zoo-keeping, Conservation, and Animal Management.  

My family has been long standing in helping take care of the environment, being active in beach cleanups above and below the water.  This year marks my 22 year volunteering at the Avalon Harbor Cleanup!

What you may NOT have known is that I used to volunteer at the Marine Mammal Center in San Pedro.  I worked every week, trying to help rehabilitate California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Elephant Seals and Northern Fur Seals.  Our teams payment was to see the animals that we cared for (sometimes 24 hours) be released back into the ocean fully healed.

Next door to the Marine Mammal Center is the International Bird Rescue where they take in any injured bird.  Up until last week, I had not had a chance to step foot inside although I had dropped off several birds to be rescued.

I was invited to a special event on World Animal Day to experience the ins and outs of the Intl. Bird Center with a couple special guests.

Are you a Pretty Little Liars Fan?  Entourage?  We were joined up with animal activist/actors, Keegan Allen and Adrian Grenier!  Did you know they are passionate about helping wildlife?  They  wanted to get hands on experience with some of the injured animals and be a part of that days successful releases.  

International Bird Rescue Volunteers

We were given a look at the center where so much good was being done.  Here are the temporary housing for the birds as they arrive before they are moved to the larger enclosures.

International Bird Rescue

These rinsing stations are filled with Dawn dish soap diluted with water(to ensure that there is no residue remaining).

San Pedro

Keegan and Adrian joined the team at the International Bird Rescue and Dawn Dishsoap to help give a couple of the injured birds 10 point inspections before helping release a Brown Pelican and multiple Seagulls!  

International Bird Rescue in San Pedro
Brown Pelican, Seagulls, Keegan Allen, Adrian Grenier

Did you know that this year marks 25 years since the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill?  Since 1986, Dawn Dish soap has been the number one fighter against oiled animals.  It is both gentle on the animals(not leaving any residue) and gentle on the rescuers!  

There were tests done in 1990, 2000 and 2005 and Dawn was found to work the best every time!  In fact, Dawn donates the miracle liquid on an emergency request basis to do their part in helping cleanup the environment!

International Bird Rescue
International Bird Rescue
Photo Credits: © International Bird Rescue

Check out these pictures of the result of an oil spill in Africa that effected over 20,000 penguins!  These are before Dawn and countless volunteers rescued them and the actual release photos!  The purple markings are to identify them in the wild to check on their health progress in the wild.

A partner of the International Bird Rescue, the Marine Mammal Center of Sausalito, doubles as a animal hospital and education center that teaches over 100,000 children and adults about the importance of the animals and the oceans health!  Over 1000 volunteers make this happen annually since 1975.  If you want to learn more about the Marine Mammal Center of Sausalito, check out their website.

If you want to have a virtual Dawn animal rescuing experience, check out the good they do here.  They have helped over 75,000 animals in the 30 years they have been in the United States, working with the International Bird Rescue and the Marine Mammal Center of Sausalito.

Help do your part in keeping our oceans clean.  Even if you are unable to volunteer at a rescue, you can do your part by trying some of these ideas:

  • When you see trash, pick it up(most trash on the streets end up in the gutter going to the ocean)
  • Cut the plastic rings on soda cans to avoid animals being entangled
  • Dispose of fishing line and hooks properly
  • Recycle motor oil at your local auto-parts store instead of pouring it down the gutter
  • Get involved in beach/park/community cleanups(no one wants to look at trash)
  • Use re-usable bags for groceries and everyday shopping
  • Get your children involved.  Teach them to love the environment so it will still be there for them and their children's children
International Bird Rescue
3601 South Gaffey St.
San Pedro, CA 90731


Royal Palms

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.   Do not use any photos without permission.


  1. Wow! I did not know about the local International Bird Rescue. I also think it's so amazing that you're so passionate about keeping the environment and ocean clean. Thanks so much for all you do!

  2. It is so great there are organizations helping take care of sick wild animals and birds. I think it is great that you volunteer to help take care of animals took. Kudos to Dawn for providing soap to clean the birds after an oil spill. I certainly hope they don't have to do this again.

  3. What a great organization! How awesome that they're doing that!


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