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ARCHERY OUTPOST: Great Indoor Archery Range | @ArcheryOutpost #LosAlamitos

With the Hunger Games movies so popular, Archery has gained momentum in popularity with the next generation.  

I have loved the archery sport since I was a child and finally took re-curved bow lessons in college but as life often does, I hadn't shot an arrow in 15 years.  My husband hunts and started looking into hunting using a compound bow.  Soon our children wanted to learn.  

As I watched my family having a great time at our local outdoor archery range at El Dorado Park, I started to get the itch.  For Christmas I received my first compound bow and it took awhile to get it adjusted properly to my arm length and strength. 

Since archers are on their own at El Dorado Park unless you take a class, I looked elsewhere.  

I discovered the Archery Outpost only 10 minutes from my house and less than 5 minutes from El Dorado Park in Los Alamitos.

The Archery Outpost is an indoor range as opposed to the outdoor El Dorado Park range.  This was great as I was able to practice in all weather.  

I found the Archery Outpost to be a very clean and helpful place.  My first time there, they adjusted my bow and gave me tips on how to improve my aim and consistency.  They had a large selection in supplies, bows, arrows and targets to buy and bows to rent.  


Besides enjoying the great sport, I love the camaraderie of the family of archers that frequent the Archery Outpost.  

When I need to get out a little frustration or need a break from the every day grind, I find that putting holes in a piece of paper at 20 yards is very rewarding and satisfying. 


  • Q: I am a beginner. What do I need to do to shoot on your range? 
    • A: All beginners or brand new archers must take our Beginner Safety Class. This is a mandatory class to ensure the safety of all shooters on the range. 
  • Q: Can I shoot a crossbow on your range? 
    • A: No. In California crossbows are considered a firearm and must be shot on a firearms range. We only allow compound, recurve and longbows on our range. 
  • Q: What ages are allowed on your range? 
    • A: Shooters must be at least 8 years old in order to shoot. Luckily, archery is the type of sport that you can shoot your whole life! Our eldest member is turning 90!
  • Q: Are you an indoor or outdoor range? 
    • A: Our range is only indoor. The maximum distance is 20 Yards. 
  • Q: Do you rent equipment that can be taken outside your store? 
    • A: No. All of our equipment rentals must be used in our range. 
  • Q: Do you sell archery equipment? 
    • A: Yes! We have a full retail shop that sells all types of bows, arrows, targets and accessories.
  • Q: Do you sell/buy used equipment? 
    • A: No. It is very risky to sell/buy used equipment because the history of the equipment isn't always fully known. It creates a liability for the shop and we cannot take the risk.
  • Q: If I bought my bow elsewhere, will you tune it and teach me how to set it up? 
    • A: Yes, but there will be a Basic Setup Fee of $20 for recurves and $40 for compounds. 
  • Q: How much does it cost to use your range? 
    • A: It is $12 to rent a lane for the whole day if you have your own equipment. It is $25 to rent equipment and a lane for the whole day. 
  • Q: Do you have a kids program? 
    • A: Yes! We have our Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) class for beginner, intermediate and advanced youth archers. Please see the Rebels JOAD tab for details.
 LOS ALAMITOS, CA, 90720, 
(562) 598-3444

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