Thursday, September 18, 2014

RE-CAP: Lobsterfest 2014 at Ports O Call Village | @PofLALobsterfest #SanPedro

Last weekend, I was invited attend the Lobsterfest Festival in San Pedro.  Music, games, crafts, rides and of course LOBSTER!  I had walked into heaven.  

My family loves lobster and it was a whole party dedicated to its buttery masterpiece!  Walking into the festival, you knew you were in the right place with 20 foot tall lobsters welcoming you.

Lobster wasn't the only thing on the menus that day and as you walked in, there were at least 20 different food stands to choose from.  There were plenty of refreshments to keep our parched throats happy as well.

Follow the sweet smell of Main lobster and you will find yourself at the lobster tents where they will crack open your lobster to maximize your eating.  My kids dug into them like they were candy!  They were SO sweet!

The carnage that was left over after 6 people devoured their plates wouldn't even fit on one platter!

Besides enjoying the great food, we headed over to the live music stage put on by KROQ where "Well Hung Heart" was playing.  Berlin was playing later on in the weekend!  

My kids were dissapointed that the Pirate Show wasn't going on the first day because they remembered how much fun the activities were from last year.

My kids did discover that the Cabrillo Beach Aquarium had their mobile aquarium and teaching staff had a booth and were excited to show off what they knew.  I was proud as they answered all the questions they asked with the correct answers.  Not bad for a 5 and 7 year old.  

We could avoid the rides and games for only so long with two young children.  They had patiently walked around and ate without complaint as they eyed the carnival across the parking lot but they couldn't hold it in any longer.

This was a photo taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel!  It was the first time they had been up so high!


We really had a great time and enjoyed an evening with friends and family.  I even found a cute Cowgirl hat to wear to my next concert!  How do I look?

Even though we just got through a very hot weekend, going on the Friday the Lobsterfest opened meant that it was relatively on the quiet side perfect for a date night or a fun evening with the family.

I hope that if you didn't make the festival, you will make a point in it for next year.  Especially if you like seafood like we do.  

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  1. Cute hat you look great in a hat. I will have to remember this event next year, it looks like a lot of fun.


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