Friday, September 12, 2014

El Dorado Dog Park: Check out Long Beach's Newest Dog Playground

Smiling Dog at dog park

I know I write about things to do with my kids a lot but one kid that gets overlooked a lot is our Brittany/Golden Retriever dog, Brittany.  You may have seen her on my photos in Instagram and Facebook but she usually doesn't get much blog time.

This post is about her new favorite play park!  Did you know that El Dorado Park now has a new(ish) dog park?  It is right next to the archery range and you can see it from Spring Street.

Long Beach, Sign
To be honest, it is not the best dog park I have ever been to, it definitely has its flaws but it is close to home and I have always had good experiences.  It lets Brittany stretch her paws and get the social interaction she craves.

The park has the usual small(timid) dog side and the larger dog areas separate but the entrance gate to both is the same.  It has a holding area where you can be assured that no dog leaves without permission and you can safely leash and unleash your dog/s.  

Picnic Tables, Drinking fountain

There is only one bench in each of the 2 parks with two picnic tables and a drinking fountain on the outside.  

The drinking fountain on the outside is kind of a pain when you have a retriever like mine that needs water more often.  We have to leash up and get a drink about every 5-10 minutes on hot days like we have had.  The fountain has 3 bowls at different heights for humans and dogs alike.

Other than the lack of adequate seating and drinking fountain inconvenience, it is a great place with a ton of trees and shade.  I liked that even though it was about 90 degrees, the shade made it very bearable.

Shady Trees, Long Beach

There are the usual bags and scoopers along the fence in case of bathroom breaks but if us dog parents need a restroom, it is at the archery range, a short distance away.

  • Bring a chair(but be aware of male dogs marking it)
  • Bring a ball thrower if your dog likes balls(there are plenty at the park)
  • Bring a bowl to put water in if you are worried about germs
  • If your dog is aggressive, please do not bring them or consider muzzling it as an alternative to keep all the dogs safe.
  • Remember, even the calmest dogs can get defensive/aggressive in an unknown situation
7550 East Spring Street
Long Beach, CA

Dog with ball

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  1. I've never taken my dog to a dog park I'm kind of worried to do that because he is a small dog.


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