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KNOTT'S SCARY FARM: New Mazes, Shows and Annual Passes! | @Knotts @TheRealElvira #ScaryFarm #ItsHere

Knott's Scary Farm!  The thought conjures up dark foggy nights with unknown horrors behind every corner.  Mazes that are designed to get you lost in worlds of the terror and gore that make up nightmares!

Knotts, Zombie, Undead, Knotts Scary Farm, Horror   

Why am I mentioning Knott's Scary Farm in the beginning of August?  This week I was invited to a sneak peak conference of the upcoming Scary Farm events.  Do you have your favorite haunt?  Did it make it to this years horror-fest?  

  Knotts, Zombie, Undead, 2014, Scary Farm, Elvira

The evening started with the Mistress of the Darkness, Elvira herself! Elvira has been a Knott's Scary Farm headliner since 1982! She continues with her new show, Elvira's Big Top, since her return last year.

Knotts, Zombie, Undead, 2014, Scary Farm, Parody

Knotts, Zombie, Undead, 2014, Scary Farm, Parody,

"The Hanging" is the show that everyone wondering, who will hang this year?  This parody show has hung all of our favorites, Justin Bieber being my own personal chuckle!

The returning favorite mazes include:
  • Dominion of the Damned (Adjacent to GhostRider)
  • Forevermore (Mystery Lodge Entrance)
  • Gunslinger’s Grave (Adjacent to Silver Bullet)
  • Black Magic (Near Xcelerator)
  • Trick or Treat (Adjacent to GhostRider)
  • Pinocchio Unstrung (Inside Wilderness Dance Hall)
  • The Witch’s Keep (Calico Mine Ride)

New on the agenda are:
  • Voodoo (Adjacent to GhostRider)
  • The Tooth Fairy (Adjacent to GhostRider)
  • TRAPPED: Lock and Key (Inside Boardwalk Ballroom) Reservation & additional fee required
    • All new for 2014 – scarier and more interactive than you can even imagine
    • $60 for groups of 1 – 6
    • Reservations can be made online or at the door (pending availability)
  • Special Ops: Infected (Throughout Camp Snoopy’s six acres)
Knotts, Zombie, Undead, 2014, Scary Farm, Interactive, Horror

Special Ops:  Infected  happens to be what I am most excited about!  Run through 6 acres of Camp Snoopy and shoot zombies in the head with special laser guns!  The guns keep track of your and your teams score led by a squad leader.

  • Ghost Town (Old West Ghost Town®)
  • CarnEVIL (The Boardwalk)
  • Fiesta De Los Muertos (Fiesta Village)
  • Gypsy Camp (GhostRider Area)

Another returning favorite is the Fright Lane with Skeleton Key. If you are not familiar with this, it gives you front of the line access to all the mazes and access to hidden rooms within!  There are limited number of collectible key chains to prove that you survived.


Now for the best part!  Are you an avid Knott's Annual Passholder that has been chomping at the bit to go to Knott's Scary Farm the entire month?  Knott's has announced that you are now able to purchase a Knott's Scary Farm annual pass for $60!  Open to passholders only, this gives a no-blackout date pass to the scariest park on Earth!

Passes are on sale NOW!  Hurry before they are all sold out!

You can purchase the passes online or call today at (714) 220-5200

Knotts, Zombie, Undead, 2014, Scary Farm, Maze, Horror


Knott’s Berry Farm 8039 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, CA 90620

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