Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RIVER RAFTING: White Water Excitement is the Perfect Family Campsite/Rafting | @WWExcitement #AmericanRiver

Our Northern California road-trip was a great way to find out how close a family can get for the good and the bad.  The worst part of our trip was keeping our kids happy and occupied on the 7 hour drive to our main destination.  The best part?  The destination!  

Where were we headed?  The South Fork of the American River!   Just minutes away from Sutter's Mill.  The purpose of our trip was to experience River Rafting for the first time!  Since we have a young family, we weren't sure if our 5 and 7 year old would be able to experience it or were they too young?  

After doing some research, we found the perfect River Guide company in White Water Excitement!  Not only did they have several class 1 and 2 rapids trips perfect for our young rafters, they also had wonderful riverside campsite.

As we pulled into the parking lot on the South Fork Base Camp, we noticed a clean and well organized camp setting.  A camp store provided campers with the basics along with all that we needed for the rafting trips the next day.  The prices were very reasonable and I was happy that they offered water-proof camera's for sale as I had a camera malfunction!  

Outside the camp store was a great patio area where you could relax, charge your phones and sip a cold drink.

The actual campsites were perfect!  My family chose a site on the river so that my son could fish right outside his tent.  The area easily was roomy enough for two large tents and a fire-pit and picnic table were available to each site. 

If tents aren't your thing or you would rather not haul your tent up for a day or two trip, you will probably like their tent cabins that held several large cots and small patios.  This was our favorite one as it overlooked the main beach on the river where we spent much of our time.

Other amenities included:
  • Volleyball court
  • Horse-shoes
  • Group eating area with kitchen(for paid meals)
  • Hot showers and many roomy bathrooms
  • On-site camp manager
  • Rafting vans that left from the camp store

Since we were at the California birth-place of gold, I had to try my hand at gold panning.  I had brought a sleuce box and a couple pans to give it a go.  While we didn't find any nuggets, I can now say I have found(a very little) gold where so many 49er's found it before me.


While enjoying the beauty of the river and all the wildlife it offered.  We were fortunate enough to see this doe and  fawn directly across from our tents!  

Some of the other wildlife we encountered were:
  • Deer
  • Beaver
  • Baby river otters
  • Crayfish
  • Trout
  • Wild turkey
  • Turkey vultures
  • Toads
  • Bats, owls and more!
The prices of the camp-sites were very reasonable at $14 a person and were not lacking in anything.  The best part about the camp-sites?  It is not open to the public so the only people that are camping around you are the WWE river-rafters and that keeps the crowds to a minimum.  

There is so much I could say about this camp-site but I think the pictures tell it so much better!

Stay tuned for a second post sharing the wonderful time we had rafting and how beautiful the American River is!

6580 Highway 49
Lotus, CA 95651


  1. Now I'm motivated to try this...even though I'm not a camper! :)

  2. You don't have to camp really. They have Tent Cabins which makes it very easy! :-)

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