Friday, July 18, 2014

LA ZOO: Family Jam with Rio 2 | @LAZoo #Rio2 #FamilyJam @FHEInsiders

What else are families supposed to do on a Saturday night other than get wild!?! Well, okay, let me expand on that a little because we all know we’re passed our wild college Saturday nights. We got wild at Family Jam at the L.A. Zoo with Rio 2.

Our night began with a scavenger hunt that would lead us through the new exhibit, Rainforest Of The Americas. Each clue inspired by Rio 2 lead us to an area in the exhibit where we had to find a Zoo volunteer wearing a blue feather. There, we had to give the correct answer to the clue before we moved on. This was a fun way for kids to learn more about the rain forest because the answers could be found on the information boards near each location. The next time you visit the zoo, I’d encourage you to make your own little scavenger hunt with your family. Challenge each other to see who can discover more. Through this scavenger hunt, we learned about giant lily pads, strangler fig trees (my favorite), red-bellied piranhas (insanely cool fish), toucans, and more!

This exhibit does a great job at making you feel like you’re just one of the many creatures that fly, roam or swim around in Brazil with its lush greenery and exotic animals. (This is what Blu must have felt like when he first encountered the Amazon for the first time.) A giant oropendola nest hangs from above allowing guests to scoot inside and pretend they are baby Crested Oropendola’s. Hmm…however, I don’t think Oropendola’s give bunny ears.

Since this is Rio 2 and the Amazon we’re talking about, things were spiced up with samba music and Brazilian dancers. I won’t lie, I had to tame my hips a little because the vibe was so infectious. The Samba Angel Dancers ruffled their feathers to the beat of the drums and encouraged the kids to dance along with them by forming a conga line. It was like a mini Rio Carnival! 

If you really couldn’t contain yourself and had to let loose, Close Encounters Karaoke was there to let anyone sing their hearts out. I’m still recovering, but then again, who doesn’t like karaoke? When I decided to run away from karaoke, (uhhh…) I mean explore more of the zoo we discovered animals up close.

Animal encounters were throughout the park. This little guy stole my heart. He’s so bizarre looking but so cute at the same time. How does he do that???

Getting an up-close look at this blue and gold macaw was a perfect encounter for the evening! He was breaking open and eating sunflower seeds like there was no tomorrow.

It was a fun filled evening exploring the rainforest and getting a small taste of what Brazil has to offer. Of course, it wouldn’t have been complete without a high five from Nico and Pedro as we left for the night.  

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Hi everyone! My name is Bridgit. I'm married and have one super awesome kiddo who loves to keep me on my toes. We love spending time outdoors, love playing and watching sports, and listening to music. Looking for fun and free (or next to free) things for our family to do is one of my favorite things because I believe you don't have to break the bank to have fun. The simplest things can create the best memories. I was born and raised in sunny southern California and have recently decided to make it my mission to explore all of what California has to offer.
DISCLAIMER:  We were given tickets to help promote and review this event.  All ideas and thoughts are the authors.  Do not use any photos without permission.

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