Monday, July 7, 2014

KNOTTS: Three New Rides at Camp Snoopy! | @Knotts #KnottsSummer

Last week, I was invited to share the 3 new rides at Camp Snoopy with my family.  Seeing Knott's Berry Farm through my eyes and my kids eyes are always SO different!

I used to think that I will always have to grow up at some point but really?  Do I have to?  I really enjoyed going on the new rides at Camp Snoopy.

The three new rides are:
  • Linus' Launchers
  • Charlie Brown's Kite Flyers
  • Pigpen's Mud Buggies
Since my kids are 5 and 7 now, they start talking about what ride in Camp Snoopy they want to go on first days before we actually go. When I told them that they had 3 new rides to choose from, the talks sky-rocketed!  Their excitement is adorable but a little repetitive. LOL 

On Linus' Launchers, my little guy got dizzy and had to sit out for a bit before asking to go on it again... 4 more times!

He loved laying on "Linus' Blanket" and soaring like Superman.
My daughter and I checked out Charlie Brown's Kite Flyers while my son recovered from his dizziness, Daddy took him shortly after. 
I was happy to see that I wasn't the only parent on these family friendly rides!  I saw children as young as 6 months to the young at heart like me!

I have to say, our favorite by far was Pigpen's Mud Buggies!  There is something about it being carefree and bouncy that we all loved!  You knew that you were going to bounce but giggled and laughed every time.  I don't  know who liked it more, me or my children!  Maybe Daddy?
We aren't the only ones that loved the rides!  Here is what the Knott's Kidcaster has to say about them.
We had a great time in Camp Snoopy but as always, we have to wander about Knott's enjoying the Wild West ambience.
We shared sarsaparilla and visited our old haunts. 
Did you know that they have live reptiles and amphibians that the brave could hold at the Outpost?  My daughter is much braver than I with the scorpion!  Did you know they glow under black lights?  This was a gorgeous turquoise color.
We missed seeing the Boomtown show but my kids loved watching them warm up!
The new Snoopy on Ice:  Snoopy Unleashed amazed my little skaters as we enjoyed a little cool-off near the ice.
 I have a hard time remembering what it was like to go to Knott's without kids.  Of course, moments like these help me to remember why I had children.  I love sharing all the loud fun memories with them!
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