Monday, July 21, 2014

BRAVO FARMS: Old Fashioned Fun on a Long Road Trip! | @BravoFarms #KettlemanCity

Last week, my family and I went on a roadtrip.  A little daunting since my children don't sit well for long periods of time.  After doing research, we decided that we were going to do something that none of us had done before, river-rafting! 

I had thought that at 5 and 7, my kids might be too young but after looking around, I found out that the American River is a great place to explore for children of all ages!

We embarked on our trip up to Northern California on early Thursday morning.  Even with movie players, car games, iPads and coloring books on hand, we eventually had to stop for gas and lunch.  

As we pulled into an In N Out for lunch, my kids begged to go see the cows on the other end of the parking lot in Kettleman City, CA off the 5.  I had thought they saw live cows as we had passed thousands along the way.  

To stretch our legs, we trekked over to what looked at first glance to be an old western cowboy town.  Upon closer inspection, it was actually Bravo Farms.

Bravo Farms is a quaint series of buildings that include a BBQ pit, Assay office, General Store, Shooting Gallery, Ice-Cream shop, Candy shop, Playhouses and more!  It even included a cute little dog park for our furry children.

The most noticable building was like something out of Harry Potter!  Can we say the Weasley House? LOL!

Beneath the building, lay the Bravo Mining Company where we could mine for gold and gemstones.  There is a chart to see what you find after purchasing a bag of pay-dirt in the general store.

Inside the Bravo Farms Mall lay a wide array of quaint home-made goods and sweets!  I loved this old truck that held my favorite treat, fudge!

It was 85 degree's outside and we were ready for a cool treat!  The classic ice-cream shop had flavors from the past and I couldn't pass up my favorite, bubble-gum ice-cream.

As we were about to leave with goodies at hand, we noticed a staircase leading up.  Curious, we ventured to the second floor.  WOW!  If you like antiques, you will LOVE it!  The collection of antique toys would make Toy's R Us drool!



While I was admiring the toys, my kids(hubby included) had found the BEST shooting gallery EVER!  We hadn't realized that it was 4D!  We expected movement and maybe noise, what we hadn't realized was that there was a splash zone!


33341 Bernard Dr.
Kettleman City, CA 93239
Office: 559-386-9622
Fax: 559-386-9624

Hours: 8am-9pm Daily

While it was too hot to explore all of the outside activities, there were SO much more to see and do!  A definite must-stop on any Northern California road-trip!

Check out what there Traver location has:
  • Leo's Barbecue
  • Party/Tour Reservations(559) 897-8596
  • School Tours
    • watch cheese being made
    • learn about the history of California
  • Seven Story Tree-house
  • Petting Zoo
  • Mini-golf
  • Fruit Stand

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