Monday, June 9, 2014

PARKS: Edison Park and Community Gardens | #park #SealBeach

My family has been enjoying this small hidden park all baseball season long.  Edison Park is a park where you have driven by it every time you drove the 22 west freeway heading to the beach.

This smallish park has a great grassy area for playing a game of soccer/football or just a nice picnic.

It includes a basketball, tether-ball and volleyball courts although you need to bring your own nets/balls.

My kids favorite area was the tire-swing that they spent a good hour going around and around.

There is a porta-potty here although, it wasn't clean when we visited and I recommend bringing toilet-paper and hand sanitizer.

There are also baseball fields if you follow the road to the back and often, it is empty and available to use for some off-season practice.


Edison Park and Gardens
99 College Drive 
In College Park West
Dawn until Dusk

Edison Gardens is a community garden with plots available to residents of Seal Beach. To request a garden plot call
(562) 431-2527 ext. 1306.


10 acres
Tot Lot
Basketball court
Softball field
Sand Volleyball court
Public Parking
2 Picnic Tables
4 Benches
Drinking Fountain


You can reserve portions of Edison Park for your next party or special occasion! Please call the recreation office at (562)431-2527 ext. 1306.

Rental Application

Click here for a facility rental application.


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