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STAYCATION: Knott's Berry Farm Has My Vote! | @Knotts #KnottsPass #SoakCityOC

With the end of the school year fast approaching, we have been chomping at the bit to go somewhere, anywhere.  It is hard to relax when we have so many things going on already.  Between school, baseball, softball, cubscouts, and all of the extra events we do, my family is just plain exhausted.  

We NEEDED a vacation!  Where could we go that we could get a little break and at the same time celebrate my 7 year old birthday?  We only had 2 days really so we felt that a "stay-cation" would be the best solution.  

Thanks to Knotts Berry Farm, our answer was closer than we thought.   I received notice that Knotts Soak City was to open on my sons birthday and we were invited!   The bonus was that we had also received an invite to check out the newly remodeled Knotts Hotel!  

Honestly, before a few months ago, I was not aware that Knotts Berry Farm HAD a hotel!  I was curious! 


We arrived early on Friday to have some fun at Knotts Berry Farm before we checked into the hotel for a fun filled Snoopy night.  

The weather last week as you know was just plain awful!  The heat was in the 100's and the the wind was causing havoc around Southern California.  As we entered the park, we made a beeline for the Timber Mountain Log Ride.  My daughter is just shy of the height requirement of the other water soaker, BigFoot Rapids. 

After we had cooled off, we enjoyed the Surfside Gliders and the Coastrider in the Boardwalk area.


As it was around 95 degrees, we decided to stroll through the park while taking in some of the historical sites.  I tried sending my kids to the Little Red School House for some learning but they were not having anything to do with it.



As we put our things away, we noticed a wonderful gift left for us in our room.  Check it out!  Perfect for Soak City!  The water weenies, actually are encouraged at Soak City, they even have filling stations.

After we checked into Knotts Hotel we decided to check out the pool area.  

WOW!  The kids LOVED the splash pad area!  The hotel not only had a large pool and jacuzzi, it had a fun splash pad for little ones or just those young at heart.  


One of my favorite things about this area was that it had restaurant/bar service, poolside until 8pm.  

We had reservations in the lobby for a fun Peanuts themed reception out in the courtyard where we enjoyed a tasty buffet of pastas, meats and desserts.  We mingled with the Knotts staff and other bloggers and played with the Peanuts crew! Snoopy was happy to get down and dance with the kids.

The day was coming to an end and Knotts had a surprise for all who stayed in the Snoopy Suites.  What are the Snoopy Suites?  Part of the hotel has been remodeled in, you guessed  it, the Peanuts gang.  If you are a lucky guest in the Snoopy Suites, you have a special visitor to tuck in the kids(and you) to bed!  My kids were thrilled with Snoopy and couldn't stop giggling.

             Photo Credit: Knotts Berry Farm


We woke up early to head over to Soak City after a quick breakfast.  The first thing I noticed about Soak City is how clean and new it looked!  I know it wasn't new but it seemed well kept. 

I loved this statue that greets you as you enter Soak City.  As a family of surfers, it was like a welcoming committee.  

Thanks to The Joy Factory, everyone in my group received a Bubbleshield to protect our phones while in the water.

There are several options for setting up your home-base at the park.  There are a lot of picnic tables, grassy areas and my favorite, the cabanas.  The cabana's are situated near the Wave Pool and the surrounding areas.  If you rent a cabana, you will receive rental tubes for the rides, an area host to take food/drink orders and shade through-out the day with reclining chairs and table.  

After setting our things down, the Wave Pool called to us.  It was refreshing and not too crowded early in the day.

 We invited my 12 year old nephew to join us to celebrate my son's birthday and it turned out great.  While my daughter being only 45 inches tall, she was about 3 inches too short for several of the larger rides.  My nephew took my son on the bigger rides and my husband and I took care of my daughters rides.  

We found 2 rides that looked promising and we split up.  The guys took the Pacific Spin while my daughter and I tried Banzai Falls.  

Laguna Storm Watch Tower was next.  Psyclone, Tornado or Typhoon, which tube will you choose?  We actually ended up going on all three! 

We enjoyed a lunch in one of the alcoves that was perfect for a picnic with friends.


After lunch, we explored the park and found the Gremmie Lagoon, perfect for the toddlers and more timid kids.  The kids must be UNDER 54 inches to enjoy this area.

The last area that we played in was the Toyota Beach House.  This area included slides (42 inches +) and a ton of water features that included drains, buckets, water guns, targets and more!  I got DRENCHED!  

To end the day, we relaxed in the Sunset River.  This lazy river was perfect for  relaxing and floating along at your own leisure.  


  • Cabana's!  Helps to keep your items in one area that is accessible to the whole party
    • Also the inter-tubes are included and saves a lot of time waiting in tube lines for the slides!
  • Lockers are available for a less expensive alternative.
  • Inner-tube rentals- if you aren't getting a cabana, it is worth the rental!  The lines for the tubes at the slides get long.
  • Plenty of sunscreen
  • Towels and an extra set of clothes to change into for when it cools down.
  • Outside food is not allowed but you can leave it in the car and eat outside the gates.
  • Bring sandals!  Our feet burned badly on the hot cement!
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