Friday, May 16, 2014

SHOW REVIEW: Circus Vargas' Magikaria Extreme | @CircusVargas #Magikaria

This week, my family enjoyed the always enjoyable Circus Vargas show at the Irvine Spectrum.  I would like to share with you our favorite moments of the evening.

It had been quite a few years since I had seen Circus Vargas and honestly, I had forgotten how much fun it is!  Magikaria, is their latest show and it is filled with humor, acrobatics, magic, trampolines and more.
These long scarves held up the acrobats flying through the sky.

The Magicians ram spikes through their assistants!  YIKES! 

Why yes, that IS a ladder he is balancing on his chin!  AMAZING!

The acrobat could do anything on this! Jump rope, blind-folded and more!

 It was a hot day when we went so we enjoyed an intermission with nachos and lots of water!

 How do they do that!  Swords through people!

 The families that make up Circus Vargas show their love in everything they do! Here they made a heart. 

 The trampoline act was my kids favorites with the cops and bad guys. 

The finale was filled with dance and "snow"!  Too bad it wasn't real because it was a really hot week!

Check out Circus Vargas before they leave!  It was a fun show for the whole family!

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