Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Product Review: Cool Off in a Backyard Ocean Pool! | @BackyardOcean #Review

This last week has been horrible at our house!  The weather has been so dry that we feel that staying inside in air conditioning, might be the only answer.  The beach is great but the water is still on the cold side.  What else is there?  

I was offered to review an above ground pool by Backyard Ocean just in time!  Our yard is not large by any means and I had wondered if it was worth getting a pool.  Would the kids use it?  How hard would it be to clean?  How hard would it be to set up?

When the box arrived, I was skeptical... could an 8 foot by 26" pool fit in a 1'x1 1/2' box?  We decided to choose an area that didn't have a large amount of grass and lay down a tarp.  The tarp was to protect the bottom of the pool from puncturing and also to minimize the dirt and grass into the pool. 

We unfolded the pool and was surprised how easy it was to set up.  The kids actually did most of the work.  They had just spent a long day on the baseball/softball fields in 85 degree weather and they were anxious to cool off!

Once the pool was filled, the kids spent a good hour in it cooling off and playing with the 2 free balls that came with it.  The pool is about the size of a large jacuzzi and perfect for all the splashing around that my kids love to do.  It's deeper than a kiddie pool but not so deep that I felt that they were not safe(under supervision).

The pool was a big hit with my kids and I foresee it being a huge hit with the neighborhood kids in the coming months!  When we can't get to the beach, it is good to know that we can relax at home and cool off.  The pool is large enough that my husband and I relaxed in it with the kids... okay, it wasn't relaxing per se since the kids just wanted to splash us but it was definitely refreshing.

It is a great little pool that collapses into a small box when not in use, definitely a must for those of us that don't have a pool at home.  The pool is on sale at Back Yard Ocean for $47.99 until May 12th!

We did purchase a pool cover for $16.99(on sale) to keep the dirt and leaves out.  I have found that the prices at Backyard Ocean have been much less expensive than in the stores!  I have been looking for filters and chemicals to keep the pool clean and I realized that the cheapest place to get it is on their site.  In fact, all orders over $100 have free shipping!  

Whether you are looking for an escape from the heat or a pool to cool the kids, check out BackYard Ocean and compare prices.  You will be happy with what you find!

DISCLAIMER:  I received a pool for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.

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