Wednesday, May 7, 2014

CAMPING: A Day at Kennedy Meadows #Camping #KennedyMeadows #Fishing

During spring break, we wanted to get away for a little fun.  Our area of choice was Kennedy Meadows.  If you haven't heard of it, I am not surprised.  It is a little known camping area about 3 hours north of us on the Kern River.

Imagine a camping area where you can dirt-bike ride, hunt, hike, camp, fish and gold prospect all in one area!

When we decided to make a day trip, we knew it might be cold because it is up in the mountains but what we didn't do(which I don't recommend doing) was check the weather.  As we drove up the mountain, a light drizzle started and by the time we reached the city of Kennedy Meadows, it was SNOWING! In April!

Luckily, I brought jackets for all us but I failed to bring snow boots.  We were in tennis shoes and I must say, it got a bit wet.

We weren't going to let a little weather get in our way so we proceeded on to one of the camp-sites to try our hand at fishing.  If you go up to Kennedy Meadows, be sure to check the time of the year the gates open.  We actually missed the main trail to the Kern River because they didn't open until the following day.

Kennedy Meadows is not just a camping area but a quiet town that is great for off the grid living.  There are a few small farms with cattle and people who love living close to nature.

We turned in at Fish Creek campsite hoping that we could catch dinner.  We had no luck with the fishing but our Brittany Spaniel had a blast trying to catch the quail that roamed the meadows by the creek.  Tramping through the meadow and stream, we enjoyed nature and photo opportunities.

We hiked trails and tried our hand at a couple more fishing holes before heading back down the mountain.  The residents are kind and helpful at the restaurant and general store but I strongly recommend filling up your gas tank before you head up the mountain and bring supplies for food, water and a change of clothes.  There are no gas stations and the restaurant and store close around 5.

If you plan on camping for the weekend, be sure to be aware of your surroundings and watch out for bears, mountain lions, deer, and other wildlife.  I would recommend bringing bear proof containers for food and if you are trained, a gun for bear protection.

One last thing that you should be aware of, there is NO cell service anywhere near Kennedy Meadows.  Once you start up the mountain, you won't have cell service until you return to the bottom.  By bringing long range walkie-talkies, you can communicate with your group but remember that due to the topography, your range will be limited.

Kennedy Meadows is a beautiful area to get away from technology and the hustle and bustle of city life.  I love unplugging and spending quality family time together.

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