Monday, April 21, 2014

Take in the Shower Tonight! The Lyrid Meteor Shower! | #Astronomy #MeteorShower #Lyrid

The beautiful weather we have had this week is an indication that spring is here! In fact, we went to the beach for the first time this season, this last weekend!

We are excited to get outside and do more warm weather activities and this week is a great start! Last week we had the lunar eclipse and this week we have the Lyrid Meteor Shower!

Every April, Earth passes through the debris trail left behind by the Comet Thatcher.
The debris are "flakes of comet dust, most no bigger than grains of sand" moving up to 110,000 mph and burn up in streaks of light!

Look to the North-East for the shower's radiant point.  Best viewing from midnight to dawn.

I recommend going to the mountains or the desert for best viewing meteor showers.  There should be no city lights to interfere with your view.  

We went to Joshua Tree two years ago and although it was pretty warm during the day, we had a nice hike to Skull Rock and then enjoyed the show that night.  Red Rock CanyonAnza Borrego National ParkKennedy Meadows and Yosemite are also great places to see it!


How many shooting stars should you expect to see? During peak time(after midnight to the predawn hours) you might see up to 100 shooting stars but there will be an average of 10-20 per hour.

One of the things I love about this show is that each shooting star shows a bright color spanning the spectrum.  I have see bright blues, purples, reds and more! It is like having a firework show 3 months before the 4th of July! 

Be aware that due to the moon, the shower will not be as noticeable.  While the full moon made for a great lunar eclipse, the bright moon hinders the lights of the meteor shower.

You really only need a comfortable chair or blanket with maybe a cup of coffee and a pillow!  You do not need to watch with binoculars or a telescope but you can bring them to see the fainter stars. 

If you want to get a picture of the show, it is recommended that you use a tripod with a remote trigger with an open shutter that stays open for a minute or more. 

I would love for you to share your pictures with all of us on my Facebook page

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