Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SteamPunk Carnivale is Coming to Orange Empire Railway Museum! | @OrangEmpireRail #Giveaway #Steampunk

Photo by Jay P. Morgan
Get Ready for Some Good Old-fashioned Fun at a Family Steampunk Carnivale at the Orange Empire Railway Museum.

What is Steam Punk you ask?

It is an aesthetic movement based on the concept that Jules Verne and H.G. Wells were right about the future. Instead of cars and computers, we would have steam engines and air ships. Clothes stay more Victorian without the automotive revolution and mass production. Artisans and "Makers" are heroes. And adventures are entertainment.

In a nutshell, Steampunk is an alternate reality where Victorian meets Science Fiction (i.e. Jules Verne). Petroleum is not the power source, but steam and clockwork is. It is the time on creative invention. Time period is roughly the mid to late 1800's.

Bring the family and celebrate the fantasy, history and ingenuity behind Steampunk at Orange Empire Railway Museum on March 15-16 in Perris, CA. The Iron Horse/Family Steampunk Carnivale pays homage to the Victorian Era, Edwardian science fiction and the Industrial Revolution with a real, live steam-powered locomotive being the perfect backdrop.

Photo by Jay P. Morgan
Fun Activities:

  • Ride behind the Orange Empires Iron Horse
  • Hop on vintage street cars and trolleys
  • Delicious treats and eats
  • Victorian Era High Tea(extra fee)
  • Victorian fashion shows and costume contests for the attired Steampunks
  • Enjoy music by Poplock Holmes
  • Browse steampunk jewelry, handi-works, steam driven contraptions and gadgets
Kids Activities:
  • Old fashioned Carnival
  • Lawn games
  • Ring toss
  • Fishing
  • Ball games
  • Jacks, marbles and more
*A turn-of-the century steam-powered car will be on display on Saturday only.

Admission to this all-day event is $15.00 for ages 12 and up, $10.00 ages 5 - 11, ages 4 and under are free. (There is an extra fee for High Tea.)

Get a $2 discount on Steampunk Carnivale tickets before March 10 by calling (951) 943-3020. Check the website for latest updates on the event

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The Orange Empire Railway Museum is an all-volunteer organization that has been preserving Southern California's railway history since 1956. The museum's mission is to educate the public on the technology, history, and impact of the rail transportation industry in the West. Over 200 rail cars and locomotives, ranging from Los Angeles street cars to modern diesel locomotives, are preserved at the museum's 100-acre site in Perris, California, which is open 363 days of the year. For information, visit or call (951) 943-3020.


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