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Warrior Dash Week February Training: A New Plan | @WarriorDash #Couchto5k #Running

I know that it seems like I should be on a week higher than week 4 and if you have been following along, it should be.   I have been working hard on doing my best for the Warriors Dash and I am very proud of how far I have come in the 8 weeks I have been running/exercising.
Beautiful flowers on my running route
I have come to a conclusion that the Couch to 5K programs are great for getting motivated and started running but one size does NOT fit all.  I am pushing 40 next year and I came into all this with the not so perfect body.  I have had knee surgeries, back problems and the ever remaining problem of running with a 36 DDD chest really doesn't make the ideal running conditions.  

I told myself that I would do my best to follow the program that was set before me on my Couch to 5K app but what I didn't anticipate was my body doesn't know that I am doing it for the kids and to get into shape, it just keeps screaming at me WHAT ARE YOU DOING! LOL

I have been able to follow pretty closely to the workouts on the app but I will admit.  I have hit a plateau.  I cannot push my body at this time to run more than 4 minutes at a time(and that is pushing to my limits).  Week 4 has me running 5+ minutes straight for 3+ times a week.  I have tried week 4 twice now and I have decided that while the app means well, I am not as advanced as it expects me to be.  When I push beyond my limits, I find myself injured.

What am I doing instead?  There is an option for an Open Run on my Couch to 5K app that allows me to either run for time or distance and start and stop at my own leisure.  I like this option.  I have found that if I run more shorter distances at my own time instead of the programmed time, I actually can sustain my stamina and speed more than if I was running for 5+ minutes straight.

Do I think I will get back on track and finish their suggested program?  Probably.  Maybe... Well we will see.  I like being in charge and pushing my body to just before breaking point instead of feeling like a failure if I can't do that whole 5+ minute run.  Maybe I am selfish and maybe I am just getting old.  I WILL finish what I started and do my very best at the Warrior Dash but I will do it my way.  Wish me luck!

My stats for the month of February are:


I have by no means given up but I have learned to listen to my body when it says that I have pushed it too far too fast.  I will finish this Warriors Dash and plan for the next one.  I may even try another 5K if I survive the Warrior Dash.  I have 5 weeks to go and while I am not as strong as my app would like me to be, I feel that besides the 10lbs that I have lost by running, my body feels healthier and I love it!  I will continue to eat less junk and more balance so that I may teach my children that if we take great care of our bodies, we will be rewarded with health, strength and energy.

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