Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentines Day on the "Love Boat" w/ MIXIM™ | @EhrmannUSA @QueenMary #MIXIMLove

Valentines Day is a day to spend with our loved ones.  This Valentines Day I was fortunate to enjoy my evening with not only my husband but several good friends on the romantic(yet haunted) Queen Mary.

The Queen Mary was transformed into a pink "Love Boat" for the special launch of the German based MIXIM™  Greek Yogurt in the US.

Ehrmann  MIXIM™  representatives gave all of us ladies roses as we entered the "red carpet" photo op and all were offered full sized samples of their delicious yogurt in the very appropriate heart shaped containers.

One thing that was distinctly different about our Long Beach landmark was that the "Love Boat" was lighted in a pink glow in honor of the romantic day.  Not only did we have the chance to taste the all natural yogurt, we were treated to the chance to break a Guinness World Record!

What is a party without music?  The band "Don't Stop Believing"(Journey music) were to rock the boat before being treated to a spectacular firework display.

My hubby and I enjoyed a few drinks and a VIP dinner on the Sunset Deck of the "Love Boat" as we indeed watched the sunset and the full moon rise on the horizon.


The 6 different flavors of MIXIM Greek yogurt, we were treated to, were:
  • Raspberry with Dark and White Chocolate Curls
  • Mango Pineapple with Coconut & Almonds
  • Honey with Coconut & Almonds
  • Strawberries with Granola
  • Blackberry Pomegranate with Granola & Dried Fruits
  • Cherry and Chocolate Curls

Soon it was time for the Guinness World Record attempt.  We needed 250 couples to feed each other simultaneously to set it.  Guess what?  We SHATTERED it!  There were over 500 couples that showed up!

Why were we trying to break the world record?  MIXIM Ehrmann™  had pledged $20,000 to the Children's Heart Foundation if we were successful!  Christian Ehrmann, owner of Ehrmann USA was more than happy to present the check with little 2 1/2 year old MacKenzie present.

We went back to the VIP lounge and enjoyed appetizers and a glass of wine as we prepared to dance the night away with "Don't Stop Believing".  My husband and I both love Journey and it made the night extra special.

The music was amazing and after over an hour of dancing, we knew the time was near when the song "Don't Stop Believing" was played.   As the final notes of the song passed, the sky that was already full with the moon, were alight with fireworks!  Hearts filled the skies as we said goodbye to another Valentines Day.


The fun wasn't completely over.  MIXIM is hosting a sweepstakes!!! How does a night out with your favorite person every month for a year AND a month delivery of MIXIM yogurt? Who wouldn't want this?

Enter right now here (click): MIXIM Love Sweepstakes.

To find out more about MIXIM, or the MIXIM Love Sweepstakes, connect via social media: 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored, compensated post. All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.

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  1. It was so much fun! A pleasure seeing you. A magical night. Those fireworks were amazing!


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