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Mr. Peabody and Sherman: A Look Behind the Scenes | @FHEInsiders #MrPeabodyEvent

Living in Southern California, we are always asked if we know any famous people by non-Californians... Well of course we all do, right?  LOL! I feel that we are a little spoiled living here in the world of movies and television.  If we want to, we could drive by studios anytime we want... but we don't at least not intentionally.

Last week, I actually got invited to visit one of the most famous studios to preview one of their newest creations, Mr. Peabody and Sherman.   You may remember the 50's show Peabody's Improbable History on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.  

Dreamworks Studio's acquired 100% of the rights to Mr. Peabody and Sherman in 2005 after Walden Media looked around for a 50% partner.  DreamWorks Studios wanted the project but not the partner. After negotiations, the project was started with Robb Minkoff as the director with Tiffany Ward (Jay Wards daughter) as the executive producer, and Alex Schwartz and Denise Nolan Cascino, the producers.  

Robb Minkoff, Alex Schwartz, Tiffany Ward and Denise Nolan Cascino
It actually took until 2011 to get the project started.  

Once the project got underway, it took an amazing team of artists, producers, technicians, and actors 3 years to complete.

Now on March 7, 2014, a new story emerges in Mr. Peabody and Sherman in theaters everywhere.  

The young actors that played Sherman(Max Charles) and Penny(Ariel Winter)
This new story is about a dog who always wanted a family but never fit into the typical canine stereotype.  He'd rather read a book and ponder life than fetch a stick.  As he grew up into adulthood, Mr. Peabody realized that he wanted a boy of his own.  

He got his chance to be a father when he met a young Sherman, abandoned in an alley.

Mr. Peabody went through the courts to prove that he would make the best father possible, just as good as any human and was granted the right to adopt him officially.  

With the help of the WABAC(time machine) Mr. Peabody takes Sherman throughout time to learn the hows and whys of history.  Through friendship and adventures, Sherman and Mr. Peabody learn more about love and what makes a family more than anything they could have imagined.  

Fun facts about the movie:

  • Over 75 sets were built for the characters to visit in the movie
  • Mr. Peabody and Sherman is the 28th animated film of DreamWorks Animation
  • 120,000 + storyboards were digitally drawn before the production
  • Staying true to the original show was key priority
  • The "flippity jibbit" is the tuff of hair on Mr. Peabody
  • It takes 3 weeks to create 10 seconds of animation
  • They used the science behind time travel to use for art concepts
  • 5-18 people worked on the FX throughout the 3 year process
  • Every animated film starts with a pencil and a piece of paper no matter how computerized it is
A few of the things I learned at DreamWorks Studios:

One of the animators demonstrating the story-board process

The animators become their characters to see their movements and personalities
Using shadows, textures and shapes in real life help make the movie realistic and believable
Props are a main part of the artists visualization to create scenes
DISCLAIMER: I was invited to DreamWorks Animation Studios to see how the film was created and to preview the film. I received lunch and small gifts in return to share my experience. All thoughts and ideas are my own. Do not use any photos without permission.

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