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Brain Foods for Running: Health from the Inside Out

Brain Foods for Better Running

You have decided to jump on the bandwagon and start training for your health and possibly a 5K.   Where do you start?  You need a good healthy body to sustain the stress that you are going to put on it.  First you need to start with nutrition.

Your brain plays a critical role in dictating fatigue levels during a run. Nourishing your brain with key nutrients boosts it's overall function and can help you feel more alert on a run or at your desk.

Here are top foods that are highly recommended for better running and a healthier brain and body.

Eggs: Choline, a nutrient which is found in the yolk of the egg, helps keep the brain's neurotransmitters signaling properly.  One egg satisfies about 10 percent of your daily protein needs and the amino acids in eggs will help with muscle repair and recovery. You'll also get about 30 percent of your recommended amount of vitamin K, which is crucial for bone health.
Almonds: One of the richest sources of vitamin E which combats oxidative stress in the brain, and acts as a potent protector for the brain's omega-3-rich cell membranes.
Eggs: The choline a nutrient which is found in the yolk of the egg helps keep the brain's neurotransmitters signaling properly.

Kale: is loaded with lutein, which protects neurons from oxidative damage caused by pollution and heavy breathing (during hard running).

Salmon: is primarily made of omega-3 fats just like the membrane of brain cells. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) can make these cells more supple, optimizing your processing power. Omega-3s may also delay memory loss as you age, and boost IQ in kids.

Whey Protein: Research shows that consuming whey protein (found in milk and other dairy foods) results in brain cells being better able to process oxygen, a sign of optimal brain function.

Yogurt: Probiotics, beneficial bacteria that can be found in some yogurts, may affect better connectivity between brain regions.

Beans/Lentils:  Cooked dry beans like pinto, lentil, garbanzo, and split pea are high in protein and fiber, a plant source of iron and low in fat.  It is easy to add them into soups and stews.  Rice and beans make a tasty meal which is great for carbs and protein.

By adding these foods into your diet, you are setting your body and brain up to win.  Start from the inside out and your goals can be reached with a lifetime of health.

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