Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Warrior Dash Training: Week 2 | @WarriorDash #Couchto5K #Fitness #Running

I wish that I could say that the second week of my training started out on a good note.

Unfortunately, the plague seemed to hit my household.  Okay, not the plague but when you have a sick children, it seems that way.  Not only did my children get sick, they had to pass it along to their main caregiver, me.  YUCK!

It took me almost all week to recover from the bad cold that raked our bodies.  Despite this, I did manage to get to running 2 out of the 7 days.  Not my best times as I walked most of the time with very short intervals of light jogging.

At least I got off the couch though. :-)

I had managed to bring my recovering children as well with us as I had them ride their bikes along with us.  They even enjoyed doing the pushups, situps and other exercises along the way.   I loved the way that we could incorporate family time while still training for something that was becoming very important to me, the Warrior Dash and ultimately our health.

My children, being 4 and 6 don't quite understand why we are running at the park but they do love being outdoors and love chasing the squirrels and geese at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.  There is a lot to see and do at the park which houses an archery range, several lakes, nature center, sporting fields, skate park, disc golf,  and of course many miles of beautiful running paths/trails.

I have been doing the Couch to 5K program that has warm-ups and cool-downs with walking/running intervals in between.  It starts me off with only working out 3 days a week and I really want to try and stick with their program and maybe add in a little extra on my own.  While I managed 5 days the first week, I only got 2 days the second week.

Technically, I should be starting off the third week of the program this week but since I feel I didn't give it my all last week, I am re-doing my 2nd.

Today I got up all gun-ho ready to run and then... well... Tuesday blues I guess.   I had every intention of getting up getting the kids to school and working out.  I am only human and it took me until 1pm to actually do it.

I started off doing my stretches and started my route.  I got to thinking about what my mother had told me after not seeing me for two weeks after I started running.  She was actually in shock!  Not that I was sticking to my routines but that I had lost inches so fast and that it was noticeable already.  That was encouragement that I needed to get back on track and to push myself even harder.

I had been doing one lap around the El Dorado Park East outer path and by the end, I would lose motivation and head home.  Not today!  While I didn't run my fastest I certainly ran farther and for longer.  Over 3 miles!  I am actually proud of myself!

I don't see a difference in my looks or in the way my clothes look yet but I definitely feel like I have more energy and feel good in general!  I have not weighed myself nor do I plan to until the end of the month.  I would rather see long term results versus harping over every pound.  I have tried that and it is too stressful!

The stats below are from today and I hope that today is the turning point and I can start running further for longer.  When I feel that I can do at least one lap without breaks, I will start doing my runs at the nature center where the terrain is more difficult that might make the obstacles not seem so impenetrable.


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