Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Warrior Dash Training: Week 1 Results | @WarriorsDash #Running #Health

Well, my first week of training for the Warriors Dash is done!  I am proud of how I have kept up my stamina and with every walk/jog, I feel better and stronger!

I won't lie, those first three or four days I was pretty sore.  I wasn't able to do more than 45 seconds out of the 60 second jog intervals the first few days.  I also took a few water breaks and completed the program that the app set out for me.  Luckily... there is a pause button that allows for you to take a break or do exercises along the way.

El Dorado Park, where I had been working out, has exercises through out the jogging path.  Some are as simple as squats and stretching to chin ups and elipticals.  I am not able to do very many of them but I hope to do all of them soon!

A few things I have done to bring my kids with me while I work out worked with mixed results.  The first time out, my husband and I had the kids roller blade.  My son at 6 years old did great!  My 4 year old daughter had to be pulled along for most of the way.

The next day out, we tried bikes.  It worked out much better but my daughter still was not able to go more than one lap around.  Even with breaks, it was hard to run with kids!

The last day of the weeks program(it starts out 3 days a week), we tried 1 lap of bike riding and pushed my 4 year old in the stroller the second lap(walking).

I walked/jogged 5 out of 7 days but took it easy on the non-program days to keep up the routine.

Besides the walking/jogging, we have done our best to change our eating habits.  We have taken all fast food and soda out of our diets (although allowing ourselves 1 cup of coffee), drank more water, and chose unsweetened ice-tea instead of sugary drinks.  We have also tried cutting back(not removing) red meat and eating more chicken/turkey and more salads and vegetables.  I am not saying I didn't have moments of weakness and had a  sweet now and then but I have honestly tried to eat better.

I won't bore you on the stats of every day I work out but I will share my final workout  of the week and hopefully we will see improvement.  I will also weigh myself every week and share the results(EEK!).

Stats as of Week 1:
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185

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