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Percy Jackson:  Sea of Monsters came out on DVD/Blu-Ray December 17th and I finally got a chance to review it.  I don't know if you had a chance to see Percy Jackson: Lightening Thief but this movie was just as good!  Percy Jackson, son of the God Poseidon, has to search within him to find his true self and find a way to make his father proud of him.
The movie starts off where Lightening Thief ended.  Percy Jackson and his other Half-blood relatives do everything they can to stay alive while trying to live up to their famous God parents.  Their camp where they can live in peace and be themselves is threatened by a former "cousin" who had turned to the dark-side.

Percy struggles with doubt whether he is living up to his fathers name while a new half-brother is thrown into the mix.  Always wishing for a brother, he doesn't always appreciate the gifts given to him until it is too late.

On a epic journey with Percy's demi-god friends, they travel through modern day Washington DC enroute to the Sea of Monsters to find the coveted Golden Fleece.   While they are trying to save the world with the Golden Fleece, others strive to use it to destroy the world as they know it.

The movie was action packed, great graphics, good story line with all that a fantasy action film could ask for.  I enjoyed revisiting the Greek Mythology that I had learned in school and it was interesting how the writers melded modern day conveniences/experiences while trying to keep true to the mythology and the books.

I recommend checking this movie out for families that love a little bit of magic and action.   I would suggest that the age range for this movie is 10 years and up but that would depend on the maturity level of the children.  The monsters can be a little scary for little ones but kept all of us entertained through out the movie.



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DISCLAIMER:  I was given a copy of this movie for review.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  All pictures are used with permission from Fox Home Entertainment.  Do not use any photos without permission.


  1. My son's favorite movie last year was Toy Story hands down!!! He is in love with Woody and Buzz! He's almost 2 :)

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  2. My son is obsessed with Percy Jackson and is on the last book of the series. Then he wants to read them all over again

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