Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tweekaboo: New Way of Capturing Moments Easily | @Tweekaboo #Giveaway #ad

As a parent, I find myself taking a TON of pictures!  In fact, I ran out of room on multiple cell phones, iPad and computers.  I have the best of intentions to send out the pictures to loved ones or put them in the perfect scrapbook for when they are adults.

Well, yeah... that hasn't happened yet.  I have tried a few different photo sharing sites and they work okay but they seem to missing something.  Captions?  Ease?  Print-ability?  I was given the opportunity to work with a new free photo sharing app especially for the iPhone,(although you can use a computer) called Tweekaboo.

Tweekaboo is a life story app that allows you to directly upload your child's moments to a secure memory book that you can share with your loved ones.  I found it extremely easy to use and with no instruction, was able to upload, post and share within a moment of my time.  

The wonderful thing about it is that the people you share it with, are able to make notes and comments with ease as well to enhance your babies journal.  Great-Aunt Rose can keep track of little Johnny's firsts by clicking on her phone or computer.  There is no longer a need to individually send out pictures to the family(although there might be a couple non-tech rebels), simply add them to your "Moments list" and they can check anytime they want.


It is not only for babies.  Use Tweekaboo as a pregnancy journal to keep track of your babies first scans and baby bumps.  When delivery day arrives, take your precious babies first photos and instantly it can be viewed by all on your list.

As a parent of school age children, I have amassed several large piles of their masterpieces.  Instead of keeping every piece of artwork, make an art journal that you can print out yearly.  Share instantly with loved ones across the globe.

I am excited to share this with other parents!  Finally I found an app that I like that is useful for all of our on the go lives.  Maybe now my parents will look at the online journal instead of hounding me for pictures?  Who knows!  Miracles can happen.

Download the Tweekaboo App here.


DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

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  1. Thank you! I like helping other parents find fun activities/products to make parenting a little easier. I plan on taking a trip to Big Bear this year and share my finds up there.


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