Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prepare for Disney on Ice! Tips and Tricks | @DisneyOnIce #GIVEAWAY

The SoCal Adventure Girls (the girls of my household) are preparing for Disney On Ice: Rockin Ever After.  

How do we do it?  What steps do we take?  

Steps to being a good Merida!
  1. Choose a character from the show
  2. Get big red hair
  3. Dress your girls in their Merida costumes
  4. Get a crazy mom that does anything for her kids!
  5. Get a crazy dog that looks adorable in a big red wig!
  6.  and take lots of pictures!

    No, my dog cannot come with us to the show but if we put a lot of Pledge on our hardwood floors, she may put on her own show! :-)  Maybe that would make a great YouTube video for another day.

    But really, what would you do to get ready for a show on ice?  First, dress comfortably and bring a sweatshirt or a light jacket.  Since you won't be on the ice, it really won't get too cold.  Bring a blanket for little ones to snuggle with if you are worried or if it is a late show.  If you plan to dress up your princes and princesses, be sure to bring layers so if they get hot or cold, you can adjust accordingly.

    We also enjoy watching our favorite shows and sound tracks that include the characters in the show.  It gets our children excited about the show and allows them to build the anticipation.

    Plan to arrive early since often Disney shows have a fun interactive pre-show.  Also, by arriving early, it allows for traffic and parking snarls. 


    DISCLAIMER:  I was given a Merida Wig to help promote Disney On Ice: Rockin' Ever Ever.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

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