Friday, November 22, 2013

Clean George: Heal Faster Naturally This Flu Season! A Review | @CleanGeorge #Review

Every year it seems like our colds and flu's get worse and worse.  As a mom, it kills me to see my little ones sick!  Even worse is when I am sick trying to take care of sick children.

I am always open for trying different products, preferably natural to make us more comfortable so we can get better faster.  I love being asked to try products so I can help other parents find what works instead of guessing... apparently we all lost our parenting manual that came with our children.  :-)

This week I was given two products by Clean George.  I must say, this came JUST in time!  My house has been filled with sickies!  We have run the gambit with the flu.  PLEASE get flu shots!  It is nasty!  Of course a week after having the flu, my son and I get a cold... sigh!

It is hard to get good sleep when you are coughing badly and when your child is coughing hard, it is even worse.  Mommy ears hear everything.  I tried one of the products on his chest called Stuffed Up.  The unique characteristic about this product is its form.  It comes in a stick so no more getting it all over your hands!

We rubbed it on our chests and back and after a bit, our coughs lessened.  The coughs were still there but it seemed like our chests weren't as tight.

I also received a product called Chill Out.  Chill Out is another stick formed natural medicine that helps in more than one way.  It gives cheeks a glow, helps with dry cracked skin, prevent fly-away hairs, eases sunburns and is used as a lip balm.

I tried it on my elbows and lips.  The lavender oil in it makes for an interesting taste that takes a bit to get used to.  I think it worked better on my elbows.  I have not tried it for the other uses but will try them as time goes on.

I enjoyed using the products and while the taste of the lavender lingers, it did help with my dry lips.  The Stuffed Up balm didn't cure our coughs but did seem to ease up the tightness and relaxed us so we could get more rest.

I am not sure about all the uses that they say that they help but I would say for the uses I tried, I had good results.

There are several different products by Clean George: Skin, Stuffed Up, Chill Out, and Boo Boos and Bites.

You can find Clean George products at your local Whole Food Stores from $7.99- $10.00.

DISCLAIMER:  I received samples of Chill Out and Stuffed Up for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

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