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Our Day Out With Thomas! Orange Empire Railway Museum | @OrangeEmpireRail #PERRIS

If you have a little boy in the house, there is a good chance that you know who Thomas the Train is!  There is something about little boys and trains!  

The Orange Empire Railway Museum understands and encourages this love to turn into a lifetime of locamotive love.   Once a year, the Orange Empire Railway Museum invites Thomas the Train to visit for a couple weekends to put wonder and amazement into our children's hearts.  Children have seen characters at the local theme parks that they see on tv but really, beside the T.V. and their train tables at home, there is something missing when it comes to Thomas.

My little boy, now the ripe age of 6, claims that he is getting too big for Thomas the Train yet sneaks his train tracks out when he thinks that no-one is watching.  I had not told my children where we were invited to last weekend and I was slightly apprehensive that my son would think that it was something "babies" liked.  

I had NO worries!  My children were puzzled as we drove through farmland and then they saw a train.  "Ooh! A train Mom!"  Then we crossed over some tracks.  The kids eyes were glued to the parked trains that littered the area across the fence.  

Then it hit them.  "Were we going on a train?"  "Yes, yes you are", I replied.  Their excitement built and they were no longer walking but bouncing as we entered the Museum area.  They still had no idea WHICH train they would be riding on.  And then around the bend came a long train going backwards towards us.  While they were excited to see a train up close, it wasn't until the locamotive with Thomas on the front, did they actually squeal and dance in place.  "No way! It's THOMAS!"  

We gathered up our items and headed towards the train depot where we boarded the real live Thomas.  The inside was decorated, getting ready for the holidays and it put everyone in a great mood.  The ride alone only took about 15-20 minutes but it will be a memory my children will hold for the rest of their lives.

We hopped off Thomas to check out the Scavenger Hunt that was given to us with our tickets.  Their were 5 stations that we had to find and get our papers stamped.

·         Meeting Sir Topham Hatt
·         Thomas & Friends Storytelling and Video Viewing
·         Thomas & Friends Playtables
·         Thomas & Friends Souvenir Shop
·         Temporary Tattoos of Island of Sodor Friends

Besides the wonderful Thomas the Train ride and Scavenger Hunt, the Orange Empire Railway Museum shows the wonderful heritage of the Locomotive.  There were many examples of real trains and trolley's that you could see and some even get on!

Inside the large barn, stood large miniature train tables where artists and train enthusiasts display and teach the craft of miniature trains.  You got the feel of how Sodor came to life using miniatures.

My son loved meeting Sir Topham Hatt although my daughter wasn't quite so sure about him. 

Besides the history, there were plenty of things for the kids to do to burn off the endless energy that is childhood.  There were bounce-houses, live music, fresh food, maze, and activity tables perfect for busy little fingers and toes.


It was funny how even though my son had previously thought he was too old for Thomas the Train, all four of us were delighted with all of the trains, exhibits, activities, and food that made up the Day Out With Thomas weekends so special.  My husband and I were almost as excited to see the trains as the kids.  While it seemed that most children there were under 8, I believe that given the chance to relive younger memories, children(and adults) will enjoy Thomas the Train and all the trains that make the Orange Empire Railway Museum such a unique and wonderful place to visit.

2201 S. "A" Street
Perris, CA 92570
Phone: (951) 943-3020

DISCLAIMER:  I was given tickets for my family to enjoy a Day Out With Thomas.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Family Love is the Strongest Bond in FROZEN! A Review! | @DisneyAnimation #FROZEN

The holidays are perfect for spending time with your family.  We all know that.  We all have different traditions that we uphold year after year whether it is hiding a certain elf around the house for the children to find and keep in line, lighting Menorahs, finding the perfect Christmas tree and more!

One of our favorite things to do while the kids are out of school is check out the latest family movies.  This year, we have SO many to choose from!  Last week we got a sneak peak at one of our new favorite Disney movies, FROZEN.  WOW!  We LOVED it!  

You might be thinking... okay she got a free ticket to see the movie, she HAS to say that.  Yes, I got free tickets for my family to watch it but I loved the message the movie sent to the audience.  The movie brings the real message of love.  Family are the first people that love you and they will be there for you for your entire life!  Your friends will come and go, but family is always there.  

Elsa and Anne, the sisters in FROZEN find out that love can conquer all no matter what life throws at you.  They don't need men to rescue them, they can stand on their own two feet and overcome all obstacles.  There are men in the movie but in my own opinion... they really are minor characters.  Sorry guys! 

Every Disney movie has a lovable sidekick that lightens the dark moods of a typical cartoon and FROZEN is no exception.  Olaf was made of love, snow and a little magic.  He brought together the years lost between two sisters.  One sister trying to protect her sister and the other trying to understand why their once strong bond, seemed gone.  Through tragedy and triumphs, their family ties and love find a way of teaching them that there are no stronger bonds that family.  

While the main characters are girls, my son loved the movie as much as the daughter.  There was enough action and humor in the film to keep them both happy and content.  In fact this was the first film my 4 year old daughter did not complain about the length and say she wanted to leave.  As a Disney loving adult, I thought it was well written, performed(by the voice cast) and to me it was an original story that I had not seen before.  I have heard others compare it loosely to the story the "Snow Queen" but since I have not seen it, it was new. 

FROZEN comes to theaters everywhere on Thanksgiving and I highly recommend taking the family to see it!  Make movie going a new favorite tradition.

Don't forget to check your local Children's Place store for a $5 off coupon for the movie when you purchase a FROZEN t-shirt!

DISCLAIMER:  I was invited to a media showing of FROZEN for my family.  All thoughts and ideas are my own. Do not use any pictures without permission.

The Cast of FROZEN Were SO Nice! | @Children'sPlace @Disney #Frozen

Last week, I attended an awesome event where I and all that visited  The Children's Place at 3rd and Fairfax!  In preparation of Disney's new movie Frozen arriving in theaters on Thanksgiving, some of the voice cast arrived for autographs!

The Children's Place is our favorite go-to place for cute fashions year round and thanks to them partnering with Disney, fans of Frozen got to meet and talk with the cast.  They were SO nice!

Professional and adorable; Eva Bella, the voice of young Elsa, Spenser Ganus, teen Elsa, and Tyree Brown, who lent additional voices to the film, were on hand to sign autographs and offer a smile to all the apprehensive children(and parents).

Spenser Ganus shows off a character tee.
Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf the huggable snowman,(The Internship, Love and Other Drugs and Broadway's Book of Morman) was funny and charming and always had a smile for the young fans.  

 Additional to a meet and greet with the cast, there were activities available to keep the children entertained while parents did a little shopping.  The adorable winter clothes featured many of the Frozen characters along with the cute penguins, snowmen, Santa and other traditional holiday clothes.

If you purchased a Frozen t-shirt, you received a $5 off coupon to go see the movie.

Of course what kind of holiday party is it without the big man himself?  My children were home sick that day so of course I had to let Santa know what I wanted for Christmas!  

I had so much fun meeting the cast and seeing how the children's faces lit up when they got a free signed movie poster that is personalized to the children.  They also enjoyed the free juice and cookies that were provided as a special treat.

Please check out The Children's Place adorable winter fashions and don't forget to pick up a Frozen t-shirt to get your coupon for the movie!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Christmas Train is Coming! Order NOW, Online Only! | @IrvineParkRR #GIVEAWAY

Photo Credit: Irvine Park Railroad

It is that time of the year again.  Christmas is just around the corner and our favorite train is visiting the North Pole!  

Irvine Park Railroad is celebrating 18 years of Christmas Train events.  Enjoy stories with Mrs. Claus, decorate cookies, visit Santa's Village and of course ride the Christmas Train to Santa where you can share your Christmas wishlist with the man himself!  Take pictures or have the helpful park staff take that special Christmas card picture you have been wanting.

The Christmas Train has thousands of visitors on select November and December nights.  Due to the popularity of this event, tickets sell out very quickly. Advance ticket purchase is required for all nights of operation, and tickets are sold ONLINE ONLY on a first come, first served basis. Once they're gone, they're gone!
Tickets will be available for pick up at the will call window on the night that you will be riding the Christmas Train. 

  • Tickets may be purchased online at any time.
  • Tickets may be purchased online only.
  • Tickets cannot be purchased in person or over the phone.

While waiting to board the train, enjoy activities in Santa's Village located just behind the train station inside of Locomotive Loop. Activities include a Santa moon bounce, cookie decorating, carnival games, coloring corner, story time with Mrs. Claus, and more!

Photo Credit: Irvine Park Railroad

The Christmas Train is open on the following dates:
    • November 29th, 30th & December 1st
    • December 6th - 8th
    • December 13th - 23rd
Train Schedule:

Christmas Train Dates
Christmas Train Hours
Christmas Train Activities
November 29th and 30th
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Activities open at 4:00 pm.
December 1st
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Activities open at 4:00 pm.
December 6th - 7th
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Activities open at 4:00 pm.
December 8th
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Activities open at 4:00 pm.
December 13th
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Activities open at 4:00 pm.
December 14th and 15th
2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Activities open at 1:00 pm.
December 16th through 19th
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Activities open at 3:00 pm.
December 20th
4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Activities open at 3:00 pm.
December 21st and 22nd
2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Activities open at 1:00 pm.
December 23rd
4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Activities open at 3:00 pm.

Photo Credit: Irvine Park Railroad


Please visit Irvine Park Railroad online for full details on this year's Christmas Train including dates, times, costs and other information. You can also see pictures from past Christmas Train events. 


1 Irvine Park Road

Orange, CA 92869

(714) 997-3968

Clean George: Heal Faster Naturally This Flu Season! A Review | @CleanGeorge #Review

Every year it seems like our colds and flu's get worse and worse.  As a mom, it kills me to see my little ones sick!  Even worse is when I am sick trying to take care of sick children.

I am always open for trying different products, preferably natural to make us more comfortable so we can get better faster.  I love being asked to try products so I can help other parents find what works instead of guessing... apparently we all lost our parenting manual that came with our children.  :-)

This week I was given two products by Clean George.  I must say, this came JUST in time!  My house has been filled with sickies!  We have run the gambit with the flu.  PLEASE get flu shots!  It is nasty!  Of course a week after having the flu, my son and I get a cold... sigh!

It is hard to get good sleep when you are coughing badly and when your child is coughing hard, it is even worse.  Mommy ears hear everything.  I tried one of the products on his chest called Stuffed Up.  The unique characteristic about this product is its form.  It comes in a stick so no more getting it all over your hands!

We rubbed it on our chests and back and after a bit, our coughs lessened.  The coughs were still there but it seemed like our chests weren't as tight.

I also received a product called Chill Out.  Chill Out is another stick formed natural medicine that helps in more than one way.  It gives cheeks a glow, helps with dry cracked skin, prevent fly-away hairs, eases sunburns and is used as a lip balm.

I tried it on my elbows and lips.  The lavender oil in it makes for an interesting taste that takes a bit to get used to.  I think it worked better on my elbows.  I have not tried it for the other uses but will try them as time goes on.

I enjoyed using the products and while the taste of the lavender lingers, it did help with my dry lips.  The Stuffed Up balm didn't cure our coughs but did seem to ease up the tightness and relaxed us so we could get more rest.

I am not sure about all the uses that they say that they help but I would say for the uses I tried, I had good results.

There are several different products by Clean George: Skin, Stuffed Up, Chill Out, and Boo Boos and Bites.

You can find Clean George products at your local Whole Food Stores from $7.99- $10.00.

DISCLAIMER:  I received samples of Chill Out and Stuffed Up for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prepare for Disney on Ice! Tips and Tricks | @DisneyOnIce #GIVEAWAY

The SoCal Adventure Girls (the girls of my household) are preparing for Disney On Ice: Rockin Ever After.  

How do we do it?  What steps do we take?  

Steps to being a good Merida!
  1. Choose a character from the show
  2. Get big red hair
  3. Dress your girls in their Merida costumes
  4. Get a crazy mom that does anything for her kids!
  5. Get a crazy dog that looks adorable in a big red wig!
  6.  and take lots of pictures!

    No, my dog cannot come with us to the show but if we put a lot of Pledge on our hardwood floors, she may put on her own show! :-)  Maybe that would make a great YouTube video for another day.

    But really, what would you do to get ready for a show on ice?  First, dress comfortably and bring a sweatshirt or a light jacket.  Since you won't be on the ice, it really won't get too cold.  Bring a blanket for little ones to snuggle with if you are worried or if it is a late show.  If you plan to dress up your princes and princesses, be sure to bring layers so if they get hot or cold, you can adjust accordingly.

    We also enjoy watching our favorite shows and sound tracks that include the characters in the show.  It gets our children excited about the show and allows them to build the anticipation.

    Plan to arrive early since often Disney shows have a fun interactive pre-show.  Also, by arriving early, it allows for traffic and parking snarls. 


    DISCLAIMER:  I was given a Merida Wig to help promote Disney On Ice: Rockin' Ever Ever.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

    Win Mother's Therapy Organics, the Safe Germ Killers | @MothersTherapy #GIVEAWAY

    As the mom of two school aged children, I am constantly worried about my children getting sick.  There are germs everywhere and it is hard to combat them all.  

    Now that winter is closing in on us, I noticed that the dry cool air is wreaking havoc on our skin.  I don't know about you but all of the hand sanitizer we use in our house just dries our hands out.  Isn't there an alternative to keeping clean and moisturized?  Don't we have enough to worry about? 

    I was approached by a newer company by the name of Mother's Therapy Organics.  Yes, organics... that word that as mothers are a definite necessity for our families.  They claimed that their products were so gentle on the skin that even babies could use them! I was skeptical but I agreed to try a few samples on my own family. My son has always had excema with most chemicals and I was skeptical but optimistic.  

    Mother’s Therapy Organics™ Baby Lotion is the natural alternative to rubs or creams that often do skin more harm than good. The non-greasy lotion maintains the delicate balance found in babies skin while offering a relaxing sensation that soothes sensitive areas.

    This product was gentle and smelled good too!  It was very calming to myself and my kids.  I pleasantly surprised when my son's skin remained clear and we were both happy.

    A small dab of Mother’s Therapy Organics™ Germ-fight’n Hand Lotion prior-to and after a diaper change keeps baby — and yourself — healthy and clean.

    My children are out of the diaper stages but we decided to put the hand lotions to the ultimate test at the public bathrooms at Knotts Berry Farm.  It kept all of our hands nice and smooth while I was assured that the germs that go with a day at a theme park, were history.

    Natural citrus essential oils and extracts power through germs naturally while soothing aloe vera encourages multiple daily use.  The alcohol-free clean smell and non-greasy formula is water-based and not thick like some lotions that stick to the top of skin.

    The Kids Hand Sanitizer has natural alcohol as the active ingredient but because of the aloe-vera based lotion that is infused with the natural alcohol, it left our hands soft and no grease!

    I was very happy with the Mother's Organics products and I look forward to trying out more products in the future!

    To find out more about the ingredients and where to purchase Mother's Organics, go to http://www.motherstherapyorganics.com/.


    DISCLAIMER:  I was given samples of Mother's Organics for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    Crawdads! Fishing Fun For Kids! | #Crayfish #SANPEDRO

    Last weekend, my husband and I found ourselves with nothing to do (shocker, yes I know!)  and were brainstorming.  What did we like to do when we were kids that we hadn't yet exposed our kids to...?

    Both of us grew up on the Palos Verdes Peninsula where we still have small streams and a bit of outdoors for kids to roam.   We had grown up playing with frogs, fishing off the beach, hiking through the many horse trails and even crawdad fishing.

    What is a crawdad?  It looks like a miniature lobster that lives in slow moving streams and lakes and rivers.  There are more than 500 species of them through out the world.

    You might have heard it called a crayfish which is the scientific communities name for it.  They are also known as a crawfish, yuppy and mudbugs.  Known as shellfish, they don't always live near a large body of water.   Many people choose to hunt them for their sweet taste and soft texture.

    While I never ate ate any of our locally caught crawdads, it was a fun and sometimes dirty past-time that we enjoyed as kids.

    What do you need to hunt crawdads?  Not much.  We used about 4 feet of fishing line(light test works great) hot dogs, a small weight, a bucket, and if you want a sure fire bait, bacon.

    Tie your chosen bait on your fishing line with a small weight to get it to sink to your chosen spot.  I recommend finding a shallow area where you can still see the bait.  Drop in your line and watch and wait.  Soon if your stream has crawdads, you will see your bait moving around even though you might not see the crawdad.  Slowly put tension on the line, wait until you can see or feel that it has a good hold of the bait and bring a bucket close to the water as you wind your line in.  If you can get the crawdad to the surface, scoop it into the bucket without leaving the water.

    Sounds easy, right?  It is a challenge to get them to release the rocks with its legs while still holding onto the bait.  Also, if you happen to lift it out of the water, it will let the bait go.

    There are no hooks involved so it is a matter of patience, skill and luck to get them into your bucket.

    We caught two crawdads last weekend but one that we called "Houdini" got away as my son accidentally knocked the bucket into the water.  The other one is now a cherished pet in our household that is in itself a menagerie.

    Where locally can you find crawdads?  Our favorite spot is at Averill Park in San Pedro.  It is a popular spot for weddings, photography, picnics and general horseplay.  It is also home to a wide abundance of waterfowl in the little streams that run through the park.


    What time is best to catch them?  We went at sunset.  They are most active in the night time so early morning or late afternoon is best.  I don't recommend going to parks at night.

    I hope you enjoyed a new activity to share with your children.  Please get them outdoors as often as you can and let them get muddy and be kids.

    Monday, November 18, 2013

    Win Free Passes to Disney On Ice: Rockin' Ever After! | @DisneyOnIce #Giveaway

    In just a few weeks, Southern California will be home to Disney On Ice: Rockin Ever After at 3 of our favorite venues and I have a special giveaway for all SoCal Kids Outdoor Adventures readers!

    I have 2 vouchers that are good for WEEKDAY SHOWS (excluding Friday night and holidays) at STAPLES Center, Citizens Business Bank Arena or the Honda Center to giveaway!

    • Vouchers MUST be exchanged for tickets in advance of the performance at the venue Box Office. The value of the vouchers is $28 each. If the $28 section is sold out, tickets will be issued in the $22 section. Vouchers do NOT guarantee seats, so please redeem early.
    • For adjoining seats, additional tickets can be purchased when redeeming the vouchers.
    • Sorry, if vouchers are lost or stolen, they cannot be replaced.
    • Weekday vouchers are valid for the below performances:


    STAPLES Center:

    Wed 12/11 @ 7:30pm

    Thur 12/12 @ 7:30pm

    Fri 12/13 @ 11:30am

    Honda Center:

    Tues 12/17 @ 7:30pm 

    Wed. 12/18 @ 7:30pm 

    Thurs 12/19 @ 10:30 am & 7:30pm 

    Fri 12/20 @ 1:30pm

    Citizens Business Bank Arena:

    Thur 12/26 @ 7pm

    Fri 12/27 @ 12 Noon

    Long Beach Arena

    Thurs. 1/2 @ 7:30pm 

    Fri. 1/3 @ 11:30am


    DISCLAIMER:  I received passes for my family to attend a media performance to review Disney On Ice:  Rockin' Ever After.  All pictures are used with permission of Disney On Ice.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

    Sunday, November 17, 2013

    Burn Calories and Have Fun at Irvine Regional Park! | @OCParks #Hike #Ride #Bike


    Burn Off Those Holiday Calories at Irvine Regional Park!
    November 29, 2013

    We always over eat when it comes to the holidays. Irvine Regional Park would like to invite you to a day of calorie burning whether you are riding your bike, horse-back riding or biking!

    OC Parks and Irvine Regional Park invite you to burn off the Thanksgiving calories in the great outdoors at Orange Friday on Friday, November 29 from 2 to 5 p.m.

    Orange Friday welcomes a family-friendly event with something for everyone to enjoy. A Santa Cruise will be available for mountain bikers, a Rudolph Ride for the equestrians and a Snowman Stroll for the hikers with a ranger-led interpretive hike at 3 p.m.

    Holiday-spirited costumes are encouraged at Orange Friday and prizes will be awarded to the best dressed and most appropriate for each category (like Santa hats for the Santa Cruise or antlers for the Rudolph Ride). After the event, stay at Irvine Regional Park to enjoy the opening night of the Christmas Train at Irvine Park Railroad, http://irvineparkrailroad.com.

    After the overeating and hectic shopping, come to Irvine Regional Park and get in the holiday spirit at Orange Friday. Posting about the event? Make sure to include #OrangeFriday in your Tweets, on Instagram and anywhere you share on social media! We will pick our favorite post for a special prize!

    November 29 – Orange Friday
    2 – 5 p.m.

    Cost: Free

    Parking: $3 per vehicle
    Location: Irvine Regional Park

    Address: 1 Irvine Park Road, Orange, CA 92869

    Website: http://ocparks.com/parks/irvine

    Contact: (714) 973-6835, irvinepark@ocparks.com

    OC Parks manages nearly 60,000 acres of parks, historical and coastal facilities and open space for the County of Orange as part of OC Community Resources. http://www.ocparks.com

    Saturday, November 16, 2013

    Cute Styles for Your Daughter's Hair! | @CozyCutsForKids #Hair

    As a mom of a little girl, I am always looking for cute ideas for my daughters hair.  I was approached to share a couple cute ideas.  It is always difficult to find a way to make our children look more adorable than they already are but these definitely fit the bill!

    This holiday season, it’s easy to keep your little angel looking cute, coifed and camera-ready with simple yet stylish hair looks from Cozy Friedman, author ofCozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair.

    The Heart Braid
    This is a must-have look for the holidays. To really make this look extra special add a clip to the end of the heart that coordinates your child's holiday outfit. You can also use a colorful ponytail holder at the end or add decorative beads in the braid.
    Wide-tooth comb
    Fine-tooth comb
    Decorative hair clip
    Ponytail holders
    Step 1: Starting with damp hair (either towel-dried or misted), use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair.  Then, using a fine-tooth comb, part the hair down the middle of the head.  Clip one side up right above the ear.
    Step 2: On the other side of the part, use the fine comb to gather a thin section of hair from the crown.  This section should measure about 2 inches from the hairline to the top of the head.
    Step 3: Divide this section into three, and begin a French braid starting at the crown and curving toward the temple, then toward the back of the head, like the top lobe of a heart.  You will be lifting hair into the braid only from this side of the part.  Leave no loose hair in front of the ears.
    Step 4: When you reach the center part at the back of the head, secure the braid with a ponytail holder.  If the hair is very long, end the braid about midear; the ends will hang down the back.
    Step 5: Unclip the hair on the other side of the part and repeat the process.  Secure with a ponytail holder.
    Step 6: Join the ends of the braids together in the back with a decorative bow or ponytail holder to form the bottom point of the heart.

    The French Braid Headband
    Besides being a great fuss free style, this braided band makes its own accessory. Girls can wear it with their hair hanging down in back, or with a ponytail. Complete this look for the holidays with fun beads or barrettes.
    Wide-tooth comb
    Fine-tooth comb
    Ponytail holders
    Jaw clip
    Decorative bobby pins
    Step 1: Start with damp hair (either towel –dried or misted) and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair.
    Step 2: Use a fine-tooth comb to draw a horizontal line across the crown from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear. From the line, comb the hair forward to the face. Pull the hair in back of the line into a ponytail holder or jaw clip so it stays out of your way.
    Step 3: Choose which ear you want the braid to start from. Tilt the head so the ear you’ve chosen is facing up toward the ceiling. With your child’s ear tilted up, being making the braided headband using the hair in front of the part.
    Step 4: Once you’ve reached the other ear, secure the braid with a ponytail holder. If you like, tuck it behind the ear and pin it in place with a few bobby pins. Remove the ponytail holder or jaw clip use in Step 2 and style as you like. Finish by adding sparkly or decorative hairpins through different parts of the braid.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.socozy.com.
    THE BACKGROUNDCozy Friedman is the creator of the So Cozy product line and founder of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids. She is an expert authority on cool, childhood style and recognizes – and celebrates – that children today are more style-conscious than ever. Decades ago, getting a child to take a bath was a challenge but now, thanks to places like Cozy’s Cuts for Kids and product lines such as So Cozychildren are embracing grooming from a very young ageCozy has coined this trend the “metro mini” phenomenon and believes that encouraging it in a healthy wayallows children to be expressive and self-confident.

    DISCLAIMER:  This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and idea's and thoughts are my own. All pictures are used with permission.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

    Friday, November 15, 2013

    Meet the Voices of FROZEN at The Children's Place! | @ChildrensPlace #FROZEN

    Are you as excited about the new DISNEY movie, FROZEN coming out on Thanksgiving Day? 

    There is an exciting way of having fun meeting some of the voices of the movie THIS Saturday!

    Join us this Saturday, November 16th at The Children’s Place retail location at The Farmer’s Market on Fairfax and Third to meet stars from the upcoming comedy adventure Frozen, in theaters November 27.

    Stars from the highly-anticipated film will appear in-store including Eva Bella, who voices Young Elsa; Spencer Ganus, who voices Teen Elsa; and Tyree Brown, who provides additional voices for the film.

    Fans can get ready for the film by purchasing a Disney t-shirt at any Children’s Place retail store—including The Farmer’s Market location—and get a $5 movie ticket to see Frozen with every Disney tee purchased. Enjoy a Frozen day in sunny Los Angeles, and celebrate Walt Disney Animation Studios’ next big-screen adventure.

    WHAT: Meet voice stars from Frozen
    WHEN: Saturday, November 16, 10am – 3pm

    WHO: Josh Gad, plus newcomers Eva Bella, Spencer Ganus and Tyree Brown

    The Children’s Place at The Farmer’s Market
    110 S. Fairfax Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Wizard of Oz is Landing at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts! | @SegerstromArts #CostaMesa


    The Wizard of Oz is coming to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa!
    The Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa has announced that the first North
    American tour of the new stage adaptation of THE WIZARD OF OZ will play February 11 – 23 in
    Segerstrom Hall!

    Click your heels together and join Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Dorothy and her little dog Toto, as they journey through the magical land of Oz to meet the Wizard and obtain their hearts’ desires. Watch out for the Wicked Witch of the West and her winged monkeys as you rediscover the real story of Oz in this fantastic musical treat for all the entire family.

    Starring Danielle Wade as Dorothy, who was chosen by the Canadian public through CBC TV's reality show Over The Rainbow, the tour of THE WIZARD OF OZ is an enchanting adaptation of the all-time classic.

    Developed from the ever-popular MGM screenplay, this new production contains all the beloved Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg songs from the Oscar®
    -winning movie score, all of the favorite characters and iconic moments, plus a few surprises along the way, including new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

    For more information, please visit www.wizardofozthemusical.com.


    Segerstrom Center for the Arts – Segerstrom Hall

    February 11 – 23, 2014

    Tuesday – Friday at 7:30 p.m.

    Saturday  2/22 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. (2 p.m. performance will include audio description, open captioning and sign-language interpretation)

    Sunday 2/23 at 1 and 6:30 p.m.

    Single tickets start at $29 and are now available online at SCFTA.org, the Box Office at 600 Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa or by calling (714) 556-2787. 

    For inquiries about group ticket savings for 10 or more, call the Group Services office at (714) 755-0236. The TTY number is (714) 556-2746. 

    Segerstrom Center for the Arts – Segerstrom Hall 
    600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 

    Information provided is accurate at the time of printing, but is subject to change. Segerstrom Center for the Arts is a private, non-profit organization. “Segerstrom Center for the Arts” is a registered trademark.  

    DISCLAIMER:  This is not  a sponsored post.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  All photos are with permission from the Segerstrom Center of the Arts and may not be used without permission.

    Thursday, November 14, 2013

    New Archery Range at Mile Square Park! | #FOUNTAINVALLEY #Archery

    Newly Designed Archery Range Opening November 23

    The OC Parks is pleased to invite the public to the grand reopening event for the redesigned archery range at Mile Square Regional Park on Saturday, November 23. The event will welcome local archers and public speakers for a special presentation.

    The event will kick off with comments by Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen, First District, and OC Parks Director Stacy Blackwood. Supervisor Nguyen will take the opening arrow shot and high-level archers will perform trick shots. Children will provide a shooting demonstration with assistance from OC Parks Rangers, and there will be open shooting on the range after the presentation. Refreshments will be served before and after the program.

    Mile Square Regional Park has been home to the only archery range at an Orange County park since the early 1970s. The former archery range included 12 targets in an open field with a small safety berm behind the targets. The 6.71-acre redesigned range features 24 in-line shooting stations beneath a continuous metal shade canopy with 24 targets, bow racks, tables for servicing bows, perimeter fencing, north orientation and a 20-foot safety berm. The new range will be the largest in Orange County.

    The new archery range was designed in consideration of public input and archery dynamics. Much of the dirt used to construct the safety berm came from the nearby Haster Basin Project, in which OC Public Works is relocating a portion of a flood-control outlet to add space for an open field and improve upon the existing park with increased recreation opportunities.

    November 23 – Archery Range Grand Opening

    10-11 a.m. (Refreshments served at 9 a.m.)

    Event Cost: FREE

    Parking: FREE

    Mile Square Regional Park
    16801 Euclid Street
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
    (714) 973-6600,