Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whale Watching w/ Harbor Breeze C. Blogiversary Day 6! | @HarborBreezeC #Giveaway

The fluke of a California Gray Whale

Blogiversary Giveaway Day 6:

Our family loves to be outdoors, you might have guessed.  One of our favorite passions this year has been to go whale watching.  We have come across so many different marine mammals, that I thought I would share them again with you.  I also have a giveaway for 1 lucky family to start making memories of their own on the ocean.

The California Gray Whale looking at the boat

The Harbor Breeze Corporation has been generous enough to donate the whale watching trip to my readers.   This company has been wonderful in their knowledge, boats, services, and hospitality.

California Sea Lions basking on the buoy

Common Dolphins splashing for fun.

The Blue Whale, largest animal ever, cruises on the surface.

I hope you have enjoyed our marine mammal look-back.  I remember every trip and I hope to instill the love of the ocean into my children so that their children's children can enjoy the beauty and life that is our oceans.


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