Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Strictly Sail Was Fun! | #SSLB #LONG BEACH #Review

Strictly Sail was a new event for me.  I had never been to it but really looked forward to learning more about what fun water activities we were missing out on!

If you were in the market for purchasing a sail boat, there were amazing sailboats that you could live on full time comfortably!  If you already had a boat, there were plenty of accessories and services that you could use to make boating even more enjoyable.

My daughter had made up her mind that we were buying a boat and she had found the perfect pink specimen.  It was even her size!

Did you know that there are solar panels that flex and is used on boats, RV's and more that you can walk on?

Even on the most beautiful days, you can get chilly on the sparkling sea.  Strictly Sail had warm jackets and more to make you stylish and warm.


Don't know how to sail?  Don't worry, we tried the sailboat similator and even my 6 year old could drive it.  Though we were on land, we felt like we were on the high seas.

After the simulator, we enjoyed making adorable souvenirs, our own sailboats!



We were treated to harbor cruise on the Bama Breeze.  Off to look for sea life, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset with a fun and knowledgeable crew.


Our favorite area of Strictly Sail was the try it water fun area.  You could tryout remote control boats, kayaks, paddle boards and paddle board/kayak hybrids called Hasaki boards.  

While we tried out the Hasaki Board, we caught a family of raccoon's wondering what all the fuss was about.

I wish we could have stayed longer but it was getting dark and it was time to close up.

I hope that you get the chance to check out Strictly Sail next year when it comes to town again, take the kids and learn how you can learn to love the spray of salt air.

Check out more on Strictly Sail Long Beach on their website

DISCLAIMER:  My family received passes to Strictly Sail.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

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