Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spooky Science at the Discovery Science Center! | @DiscoveryCube #SpookyScience

Halloween is upon us and all of our little ghosts and ghouls are ready to have a good time.  Why not bring them somewhere where they can learn, be entertained and have a great time?

Mixing potions, dressing up, decorating, getting treats and having a little spooky fun is just the thing this science loving family is asking for!

Discovery Science Center has combined all of our favorite things about Halloween into a limited time exhibit called Spooky Science!  Great for families of all ages, they amaze us with elephant toothpaste, green slime and color changing liquids!  Decorate pumpkins and run through the 3D maze and have a great time with science!

Waiting for the Wizard of Ooze to amaze us!

Learning about Elephant Paste, Green Slime and the "Yellow & Blue Switcheroo"!

Perfect for creative little hands, decorating pumpkins is a favorite Halloween craft!

Did you know the largest pumpkin was 2009lbs?  It also was the largest fruit ever grown since a pumpkin is considered a fruit.

Glow in the dark slime was a new favorite night-light this night!

By studying air, we can predict the weather patterns.

Building strengthens the mind.  Design your own haunted house out of blocks!

Sibling rivalry learning about weights and pulleys to lever themselves off the ground, who will win?

Spiders are not insects because they only have 2 main body parts versus insects having 3.

Teach your children that Science is fun and it will instill a life-time love of learning!  Science can be magic to children(and adults).  I understand what a chemical reaction is but it is magic to me every-time.

Discovery Science Center's Spooky Science Exhibit will be available to check out now through November 2, 2013.  Bring your family and friends to share the memories together!

Discovery Science Center
2500 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Ticket Information
DISCLAIMER:  I was invited to a special media night to review the new Discovery Science Center's new exhibits.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.  Do not use any pictures without permission.

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