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Interact Now w/ The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live! | @DisneyPictures @DisneyApp #LittleMermaid

Second Screen Live is the new interactive way to watch your favorite movies in a new way!  Second Screen Live is not for everyone.  In fact if you are not familiar with the movie, I would recommend waiting until the movie comes out to DVD.   I got the chance to watch it in the theaters last week and here are my thoughts.

Why do I say it is not for everyone?  My family absolutely loved it!  My children have never seen Little Mermaid but they have heard the sound track at least a hundred times and have been on the Disney CA Adventure ride too many times to count.  The Little Mermaid happens to be one of my favorite Disney movies of all time!  

So what exactly is Second Screen Live?  It is a new way to enjoy old favorites in an interactive way that helps share the love of a movie with the whole audience.   

First thing you will notice when you look into seeing a Second Screen Live movie is that they recommend bringing your fully charged iPad.  Say what?  Don't they usually ask us to turn off all electronics so they don't bother your neighbors?  Yes... but not here.  The Second Screen Live movies have free apps to download before you arrive at the theater.

When you arrive at the theater, the movie screen will direct you to follow a couple simple directions to optimize your iPad interactions.  The iPad is synced through Bluetooth to the movie and it "listens" to the cues.  

What kind of interactions?  One of the things you are directed to do is, guess what happens next in the movie and tap the correct answer. 

When Ariel gets in trouble, help her by getting to a goal through the Mer-Mazes.

There are also Triton's Trivia, Scuttles Scope and of course my favorite, Crab-E-Okie.

Yes, you guessed it!  You are encouraged to sing in the movie!  If you are anything like me, you have every word memorized in all of the Disney movies.  Okay... maybe I am a little strange.  I always have the words running through my head and when I am alone, I sing.  Believe me, you don't want to hear me sing... 

HOWEVER, in Second Screen Live, I am allowed to sing (quietly so no one hears my horrible voice) and is encouraged so much that they put the words to all the songs on the movie screen and iPads to sing along.  Imagine a theater full of Disney nuts like me singing in a single voice to our favorite songs!  It was so cool!

This way of watching movies is definitely not for everyone.  I can see how it is very distracting.  However, my children adored it(except their mom singing)!  My 6 year old son played most of the games and my 4 year old watched her favorite princess on the screen.  My son did so well(with a little help from mom) that we got the top score that is kept by the iPads!  We won over 24,000 points!  As a result of winning, we received 2 very awesome limited edition Little Mermaid posters. 


The audience my family had were very interactive and had a blast!  Before you think that this is just for kids... 3/4 of the audience were children of the 70's and 80's that grew up believing in fairy tales. 

There are no worries if you do not have an iPad, it is not a requirement.  You can still sing along and answer questions, you just wont be able to keep track of your score and do most games.  

If you think that you or your children will love singing and interacting to your favorite movies, please give it a chance and soon!  The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live is only in theaters a couple weeks.  Check your local theaters for listings.

DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post.  I received tickets to review Second Screen Live.  All thoughts and ideas are my own. Do not use any pictures without permission.

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  1. LOL I felt the same way. I sound horrible when I sing but when you're there, you can't help but sing along! Especially when the words are right there! =)


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