Monday, September 2, 2013

Discovering Maui, Underwater w/ Pride of Maui. @Prideof Maui #Hawaii #Snorkeling


Maui is an Island of wonder and beauty, there is no doubt. The green lush scenery takes your breath away. You have seen the wondrous land view but have you checked out the Island below the ocean? 


A new world awaits you. In past trips, my husband and I would take a break and go snorkeling and leave the kids with relatives. This year is different. We prepared our children for over a year to perfect their snorkeling skills and took them along with us! This was a daunting idea. How many people take their 4 and 6 year old snorkeling in the middle of the ocean?

My 6 year old son was getting to be a pro at pool snorkeling and my 4 year old was watching every move. We tested their skills at our favorite beach, Charlie Young. My son did great! He was excited to see the colorful fish that we had talked about often.

Our daughter was getting to be a great swimmer but refused to wear a mask. This concerned us as we had reservations on the Pride of Maui, a large snorkeling boat that would take us to Molokini and Turtle Town in a couple days. We didn't push the issue with her as we would be happy if she wasn't afraid of at least getting her feet wet. 

We arrived at the Pride of Maui early on Friday morning. The Harbor was in front of the Maui Ocean Center, Maui's world known aquarium. After checking in, we were fitted with masks, snorkels, fins and wet suits for those that wanted them. The Pride of Maui provides fresh fruit, rolls, coffee and more to greet you as you walk into the cabin, free of charge.

                        As we explored the Pride of Maui, we noticed how clean and spacious it was. It also held a couple surprises! 

The first thing we noticed was a slide that made entry in to water extra fun. My son loved the fast slide with a 4-5ft drop to the water. Another surprise that my daughter discovered was that the Pride of Maui is also a Glass Bottom boat. Okay, it had glass bottom viewing area that made her really want to see the fish closer.

The last surprise was when we went to get into the water. The kids were fitted with life jackets for extra protection and my daughter was offered a boogie board with a fish viewer built in. It was like she had her own glass bottom boat. 

The weather was a little rough that day and it was difficult to get in and out of the boat with the large swells. The crew were right there in the water to assist us and made us completely comfortable. We saw a large variety of fish and birds. Molokini is a bird sanctuary as well as a gorgeous snorkeling spot. 

 The captain decided that the swells that were picking up would not be good for us snorkelers and called us back after about 30 minutes to move to Coral Gardens. We ate a yummy lunch that was all you can eat as we sailed off to our new spot. As we approached Coral Gardens, we spotted 6 Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles which made the trip extra special. 

Coral Gardens was the perfect snorkeling spot. We snorkeled, slid on the slide, and viewed underwater Hawaii. We even saw a octopus! The fish were incredible!  

We dried off and enjoyed the free bar with refreshments such as Mai Tai's, Pina Colada's, 4 beers on tap, and soda and juices. It was a quick ride back to the harbor and we relaxed and truly knew what Maui hospitality was!

They made our children's first snorkeling trip one that even a 4 and 6 year old could remember. Look up the Pride of Maui when you plan your Maui vacation. The crew are great examples of what Maui hospitality is really about.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. My family was offered the chance to experience the Pride of Maui hospitality on a snorkeling trip. All thoughts are my own. Do not use any pictures without permission.


  1. Absolutely love your photos Kirsten =) Looks like the entire family had fun..

  2. Thank you! We really did have a lot of fun!

  3. Wow!!! Great pics! Looked like an amazing trip!


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