Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cool Off at Seabridge Park, Our Favorite Toddler Beach in HB

This end of the summer heat wave have driven us to the beaches. With young children, we don't always want to go to waves when the surf is up, so what other options do we have?

There are beaches that parents of young children turn towards for easy access, shade and little to no waves. One of our favorites is Sea Bridge Park in Huntington Beach. 

My children have worked on their swimming, surfing, kayaking, and crab hunting skills here. Another great thing about it is that there is a full park with grass, swings, playground, showers and bathrooms all in one.


This beach/park is shaded by multiple trees and is surrounded by wealthy neighborhoods. I will say that since this beach is in the harbor, the sand and water are not recycled as much as a beach on the ocean. The water however is warmer and very calm and shallow for little ones to build confidence in the water. There is no food nearby but often there is a cotton candy vendor that has reasonably priced sweets. 

I recommend bringing a picnic lunch or a BBQ to enjoy a family day. There is a smallish sandy beach that depending on the tide can be as wide as 50 feet or 100ft. This beach is tucked into the wealthy community of Huntington Beach and not too many people are familiar with it.

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