Monday, August 5, 2013

BODIES: The Exhibition! A Photo Journey @BodiesExhibit #BodiesBuenaPark

* Warning: There are pictures of this exhibition which includes actual human bodies and internal organs. 

Bodies: The Exhibition, if you have not heard about this exhibit, please allow me to give a brief explanation.  I, Meghan Watson, was invited to view the BODIES Exhibit in Buena Park for a special Media preview by the Owner of SoCal Kids Outdoor Adventures as a guest blogger from Kiddie Concierge

The exhibit houses REAL human bodies that have been preserved by using a liquid silicone rubber in a process called polymer preservation. This process preserved the specimens on a cellular level and showcases the complexity of the body's bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs.

In other words ANATOMICALLY CORRECT!!   I, personally don't have issue with this and would rather teach my daughter about the functionality of the human body as a machine, but I would like to place the warning for your discretion. 

*I carefully took these photos with sensitivity in mind 

One of the first things you encounter when you walk in to the exhibit is a sign and a container.  Since the exhibit shows the damage that smoking does to your body, they want to give you every chance to quit.  They give you a container to throw out your cigarettes and begin a new healthier life.

Beautiful flower?  Amazing coral? Nope! This is the healthy bronchial tree in your lungs! 
The circulatory system carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, as well as powerful guardian cells that seek out and destroy any virus or bacteria.

Did you know that the left cerebral hemisphere is the center of logic and language?
It is amazing how each of the body's systems work together to make the human body!

All bones store important mineral salts; in addition, red bone marrow in the flat and long bones creates 2.5 million new red blood cells each second.
One of the most bizarre things in the exhibit was an ovary with a Teratoma.  It is a rare tumor which cells grow abnormally which forms teeth, hair, nails and other organs! 

Some of the exhibit of fetuses and embryos may be difficult for some people.  I respectfully did not show pictures of them out of respect for sensitivities. 

It is my hope that you see this wonderful exhibit for yourself.  The human body is truly a miracle! 

Meghan from Kiddie Concierge is a single mom who's goal is to get her daughter unplugged from the TV and experience life as best as she can, in style.   Follow her journey through parenthood on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
DISCLAIMER:  I received tickets to a special media day to view the exhibits.  Some of the exhibit may be disturbing to some people.  Please understand that there are full nudity models in the BODIES exhibit.  Do not use any pictures without permission.


  1. Nice pictures. My brother wants to quit smoking after he saw the exhibit. Hopefully, it works.

  2. In hope he does! I lost my grandma to lung cancer. :-(


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