Saturday, July 13, 2013

How I Won Tickets to @MedievalTimes! @MedievalTimesCA #BUENAPARK #GIVEAWAY

My family loves all things outdoors!  You might have guessed. One thing you might not know is that I have been horse back riding since I was 5! The number of years that has been, I would rather not think about. :-)

My children have been eager to be around all things horses since they were little/er.  They got their first chance to see a jousting bout with knights and swords with all things horses at the Renaissance Faire a couple months ago. Since then, my daughter and son have dressed up as knight, dragons and princesses nearly every day. 

I have been offered tickets for my family to visit the Medieval Times Castle in Buena Park in person and we are SO happy!  My husband has been there but myself and my kids have not.

I have also been watching for opportunities for my readers to obtain tickets through the Medieval Times Facebook page and also through coupon sites.

Thursday, I received notice that two of their knights would be at my favorite ice cream parlor, Farrell's!  I have so many memories of birthday parties as a child there!  I remember the "trough" and that my eyes were so much bigger than my stomach!  Today I revisited a Farrell's and it was just as fun as I remember!  I loved introducing my kids to such a great place!

The knights were visiting Farrell's to qualify for the ice cream eating contest that is taking place on Sunday, July 14!  The public was invited to watch and cheer them on!  We voted for the Green Knight!  While our knight tried valiantly, he lost by a spoonful to the Red Knight.

Even though our knight lost, everyone is a winner!  We all won tickets to Medieval Times! We were SO excited!

Medieval Times has been offering free tickets to their fans all summer long!  They send their knights out to different locations throughout the OC and when the knights are asked for tickets, they gladly give out a set amount.

I will be following and sharing the free tickets locations all summer long. Follow SoCal Kids Outdoor Adventures and  Medieval Times on Facebook to keep track of all their going-on's. 

Another way you could win tickets is right here! Enter the ticket giveaway below.

DISCLAIMER: I received tickets for my family to watch the Medieval Times show in Buena Park. This post is for informational purposes only.  Do not use any pictures without permission.