Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bolsa Chica Wetlands! A Great Nature Hike! #Hike, #Children, #Nature

Our hike through the Bolsa Chica Wetlands was SO much fun! We went to the wetlands for a new hiking area. 

We had driven by it so many times while going to Huntington Beach and Bolsa Chica beaches.  One time while driving by, we spotted dolphins swimming in the brackish(fresh and salty) water!

 Finally we decided today would be the day!  We pack up water, snacks, camera, and the kids.  We pulled up into the parking lot directly across from the Bolsa Chica Beach entrance and parked.  There are 2 entrances into the park.  The other one is on Valley View and holds the information center.

The kids had a blast running across the large wooden bridges that spanned the water.

We eagerly read each information sign to see what we might spot in this unique ecosystem.  From gulls, ducks, herons and loons, we tried identifying each. 

In the water we kept an eye out for jellyfish, rays, sharks and other assorted fish.  We must have seen 15 baby bat rays and at least 10 shovel nose guitar fishes!

We saw how the park rangers had built nests to help the birds with their brood.  Of course we saw them at a distance as the area was fenced off.

The Bolsa Chica Wetlands was a great place for young legs to breathe fresh air and work off that energy that only the young possess!  My husband and I remember why we do this, to see the wonder of our children as we point out the Turkey Vulture in the sky or the Bat Ray swimming alongside the path.  Although we love zoos and aquariums, you cannot beat what nature has already perfected! 

I love getting my children outside and teaching them about our world!  I hope you enjoy the pictures as there are more to come! 


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