Friday, April 26, 2013

The Orange County Youth Expo! What a Great Experience! @OCFair #YouthExpo #ad

What a fun day!  On the day we arrived at the OC Youth Expo, we came with high expectations! I have fond memories of entering fairs as a 4H member in my childhood.  I believe that my days playing with animals and learning how to care for them encouraged my career as a zookeeper!

As we entered the event center, we were greeted by a 10 foot tall cow statue wearing sunglasses.  It instantly put smiles on our faces!

Beyond the bovine greeter, we could see a carnival and fun activities!  However, the booth that caught my children's eyes first was the model rocket launching area!  We created our space ships with paper, glue and crayons and waited our turn.  Who's rocket would shoot higher? My children launched their creations, "Rainbow Rocket" and "Rocket" high into the sky! In the end, it was a tie.  We spent over an hour launching them over and over. 

After prying our children away from the rockets, we entered the carnival area.  This area included large plastic bubbles that you could run around in on water or land, large slides, bumper cars, a fun house and many carnival games.

Beyond the games lay a stage where young 4H fashion designers showed off their eco-friendly latest creations. 

If you were hungry, food trucks lay in wait for a hungry passerby.

As we entered the science area we enjoyed hands on trains, bubbles, building materials and a few animals.

The arts area showcased amazing photography and artwork from children as young as 4!

Of course, who can have a fair without farm animals right?  There were animals galore!  4H children have projects raising small livestock and are judged on the care, presentation and condition of the animals. 

Health was a common goal here as prizes could be had by doing simple exercises such as pushups or jumping jacks! Check out my 5 year old doing pushups for the first time!

One of my favorite contests held that day was the recycled Scarecrow Contest!  My children's favorite won the blue prize!
My children had so much fun at the Youth Expo! They begged us to let them do the rockets over again!  Finally the only way we were permitted to leave was to promise to try and make our own air compressed rockets to shoot at home.  Check out the result!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received coupons for a few activities and snacks for my family to review at the Youth Expo.  Do not use any pictures or videos without permission!

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