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How Much Do You Really Know About @Goodwill? @OCGoodwill #FindtheGood

We all try and donate our old and used items.  The question is to whom?

You see containers around town that says donate clothes, shoes, and other items but who really gets the items? Who benefits from your generosity?  You can do research or donate through word of mouth but that takes time.  Why not donate to a charity that helps people in your own community? 

The name, Goodwill has been around since 1902.  It is not a new upcoming charity that may or may not be around next year.  It is not a company where you don't see who benefits, all you have to do is look in your local businesses to see the people who were not given the opportunity to gain skills to become productive members of society. 

The Goodwill Mission "Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work".


Who Does it Help?

*  Immigrants
*  People with Criminal Backgrounds
*  People with Disabilities
*  Seniors
*  Veterans and Military Families
*  Youth

What Do They Do To Help Find Jobs?

Builds resume skills
*  Learn networking
*  Practice job interviews
*  Learn to dress for success
*  Find out what employers expect from them
*  Help them move up from existing jobs

Which Jobs Does it Help Them Receive?

*  IT
*  Retail Sales and Management
*  Food Services
*  Banking
*  Manufacturing
*  Office Work
*  Computer Skills

Little Known Facts About Goodwill of Orange County:

92% of all sales goes back into helping people in the community
*  For every $100,000 of sales, 1 employee is hired and fully trained
*  In Orange County, there are 260 companies that are employing Goodwill workers!
*  Higher end items are sold on to maximize sales.
*  Over 10,000 people a year are helped in Orange County alone through the Goodwill programs!
*  The programs provide Fitness Centers where physical therapists are on hand to help those with disabilities.
*  Assistive Technology Centers(ATEC) provide communication for children and adults who do not have the ability to communicate independently.
*  All locations except E-Waste whether the items are working or not.  All items not working are broken down into all recyclable parts to minimize landfill waste.  It kept 12.2 million pounds of waste from entering the landfills in 2012.
*  The Santa Ana Marketplace has a unique program where in order to divert more landfill waste, it holds auctions and sells items by the pound.

How Does Goodwill of Orange County Maximize Sales and Minimize Waste?

*  Each item is sorted when it arrives at the location for quality.
*  Collectibles and high end items are sent to be sold on
*  What doesn't get sold in four weeks is color-coded and marked down to 50% off.
*  Items not sold for two weeks after 50% off gets sent to the Santa Ana Marketplace where it is sold by the pound at auction.
*  Electronics that arrive are fixed and sold or broken down into recyclable parts which is then sold for scrap metals/plastics.
*  Any clothing items not sold at the Marketplace are then sold to rag manufacturers to eliminate landfill waste.

What Can You Do To Help?

*  Donate goods, working goods or not.  The less to go to landfills the better.
*  Donate cars/boats/RV's.  All goods are tax deductions.
*  Shop items in the retail stores/online or in the Marketplace.
*  Volunteer to help retrain people in need.
*  Volunteer your business for future employees.
Spread the word!  Tell others about what a great organization it is!

I often shop at the Goodwill stores because I find great name brand items!  I have even found a pair of $100 jeans for $10!  There are more than just used items in the stores.  Goodwill purchases overstock items from major brand stores and many still have the tag on them!


When you are in the mood for a good treasure hunt, I suggest taking a drive down to your local Goodwill store.  You will not only find great retail items but you will find the treasure of helping others.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Do not use any pictures without permission.


  1. We have a Good Will store minutes from our house. I drop stuff off there all the time. And I do more often now that they assist you pulling stuff out of the car. Years ago they wouldn't help me lift something when I was 9 months pregnant. Through the years their customer service has gotten much better!

  2. I'm glad to hear that they have gotten better! I'm sorry you had a bad experience! When I went into the Santa Ana store, they were nothing but helpful. :-)

  3. We love Goodwill! We have several local ones and can typically find some good deals

  4. I love our local Goodwill store and appreciate what Goodwill does for the community!


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